Crypto Flash Cryptocurrency ICO Tracker For Amazon's Alexa

If you are still torn between choosing Amazon’s voice service and the other famous smart assistants, worry no more. On top of being the brain behind tens of millions of devices, Amazon’s Alexa is now customized to help crypto investors analyze the market without any hassle. The Amazon voice assistant finally includes Crypto Flash.

What Is Crypto Flash?

It is a universal point resource that collects real-time happenings, news and expert analysis in the crypto world, with a little more emphasis on Flashcoin. It helps gather and receive information about other cryptocurrencies, ICOs and helps relay them through Amazon Alexa.

With Crypto Flash, you will receive up-to-minute information that includes the prevailing price, volume, market cap and even the trending coins. The best thing about it is, it supports over a thousand cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings. But it isn’t about cryptos only; it supports fiat currencies, most notably Pound, US dollar, Euro, Rupee, Yen and a lot more!

How Crypto Flash ICO Tracker For Alexa Works

Anyone who has used Alexa will enjoy using this point resource. However, if you have never used a smart assistant, then be sure to marvel at how useful it will be. As for this cryptocurrency and ICO tracker, it is exciting!

Start by saying “Alexa, open Crypto Flash.”

By issuing this directive, Alexa switches on this resource. You will then ask it anything that relates to cryptos or ICOs. Some questions to start with can include:

“What is the current price of Ethereum?”

Alexa will tell you the value of this cryptocurrency in US dollars. If you need the amount in a different currency, say South African Rand or Japanese Yen, be sure to specify in your question.

“What is the price of Monero in Yen?”

“What’s the current net market cap of Ripple in Euro?”

Once you are satisfied with that, you will then start to compare two different cryptos. You can ask a question like:

“What is the price of Bitcoin in Bitcoin Cash?” and it will respond accordingly.

“What is the volume of Ethereum in Flash?”

The excitement doesn’t end there!

Alexa can calculate them in Satoshis and give the right answer quickly.

“What is the current price of Monero in Satoshis?”

Basically, Crypto Flash will be you all-time friend in matters around cryptocurrencies and ICOs. You will ask it any question regarding:

The present top-ranked cryptocurrencies and their ranks – “Which are the best 20 digital currencies?”

Symbols of different coins – “What’s the symbol of Verge?”

Their total supply or what is available.

Changes in value over the last few hours, a day, a week or since the last update – “When was this data last updated?”

Using Crypto Flash to calculate the amount of particular cryptocurrency you may buy for a specific amount of fiat.

“With a thousand dollars, how much Cardano will I get?”

“How manyDogecoin can I get for hundred US dollars?”

On ICOs, Crypto Flash is just as reliable as it is with cryptos. You can ask it the Initial Coin Offerings currently live, previous or the upcoming ones. It will give the name and a short description as well as the start and end dates.

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