Crypto Galaxy

Astronomers and scientists in related fields estimate that there are billions of galaxies out there. But how many do you know of for sure? Well, you can now familiarize yourself with a whole new galaxy through your PC or smartphone.

Crypto Galaxy is a new virtual galaxy that is powered by blockchain technology. It also doubles up as a decentralized entertainment and gaming platform.

Exploring Crypto Galaxy

The core structure of Crypto Galaxy is similar to that of other galaxies. It is composed of many planets that that are distinct and yet somewhat similar in their diverse features. Some of the distinct characteristics of these planets include color, length of days, size, and even population, among others. What’s more, planets are upgraded continuously to make them better and more habitable.

Just like earth and other planets in our galaxy, planets on Crypto Galaxy are endowed with digital assets (natural resources) that users can exploit and monetize. Each planet also has a mystery crystal that explorers have to seek and mine.

The core concepts behind Crypto Galaxy are exploration and entertainment. The virtual ecosystem is so diverse that its immersive – it brings out the best of gaming and virtual reality. There is a lot to explore, and the exploration process is fun and entertaining – it is more entertaining than playing most contemporary games.

Owning A Piece Of Crypto Galaxy (GALA)

Getting a planet on Crypto Galaxy is quite easy and revolves around four quick steps:

  • Step 1 – visit Kucoin exchange and buy ZPT tokens
  • Step 2: Store the ZPT tokens on your wallet (there are no limitations to the type of wallet that you can use)
  • Step 3: exchange every ZPT coin that you have for GALA coins
  • Step 4: Buy your planet of choice using the GALA coins that you received and begin exploring

The procedure highlighted above is for those who wish to own planets by buying them as outlined. However, you can still access and explore a planet without transacting ZPT coins for GALA coins. This, however, will require in-depth programming and blockchain technology. If you have what it takes, then submit an application for nodes to Crypto Galaxy’s official website.

If your application is accepted, then you will essentially be helping to develop the Galaxy platform. In exchange for your services, you will receive your very own planet, and the digital assets therein will be protected. What’s more, you will receive more GALA coins as you develop, and your planet will eventually evolve into a galaxy.

Monetizing Your Planets On Crypto Galaxy

There is more to Crypto Galaxy than just fun and games – you can make money as you explore your virtual planet. The platform has a Galaxy Store where users can sell and buy planets. Each planet has a standard value when new, and this value appreciates as the owner continues exploring and developing it.

GALA coins are also valuable and will eventually be adopted for other uses on crypto exchange platforms. However, their use, for now, is limited to the Crypto Galaxy platform.

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