An investment company known as Digital Garage in Japan, who works on several types of investments is join forces with another company. Tokyo Tanshi is the second of the two companies, an e-commerce payment processor, together the two companies are launching a new cryptocurrency. Both companies together have several technical capabilities, specializing in investments that will be used to build Crypto Garage. The two companies are going to focus primarily on R & D for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

The proposed JV will provide both companies with access to each-others technology and systems. By combing forces, the research will function at an accelerated rate to improve financial services all over the world, using cryptocurrency technology to ensure the system is safe and secure. Advanced measures will be taken to overcome and hurdles the companies will face. Tokyo Tanshi and Digital Garage’s main goal of the collaboration is to build a financial system that will benefit any business in the financial sector. Japan is where the new partnership will occur and hopefully improve the financial industry of the country.

As for Digital Garage, focuses primarily on building diversified financial portfolios for businesses where as Tokyo Tanashi is a well experienced financial institution who has been in operation for more than one hundred years. Together, the new collaboration will improve Japan’s blockchain industry.

Tokyo Tanashi President Shoji Ushero made the following comments:

“We are starting full-scale measures to take on the challenge of developing blockchain technologies and other finance businesses, and of offering advanced financial services. We will support the healthy growth of the industry by developing numerous use cases, and also work to accelerate financial innovation from Japan.”

More on Digital Garage

Digital Garage was started in 1995 as a traditional internet business. They have long standings of working well with other companies to improve IoT services, now focusing on blockchain technology. Many of the projects taken on by Digital Garage are first times for the country, often branding into new areas for the company never experienced.

Areas of interest for the company have been in sectors related to financial services, tele-communications, even the manufacturing and distribution of baby monkey dolls. Now, the company is working its way into blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. In a recent press release, the companies announced the new collaboration, with bigger goals to be achieved than either company has ever taken on. With the new partnership will come new advancements in the cryptocurrency arena, moving the industry forward by increasing cryptocurrencies involvement with the countries major financial institutions like banks. Even bigger news is the collaborations move to push for ventures outside of the country.

In conclusion, the two teams will work to become leaders in the financial sectors of the world, including investing and blockchain/cryptocurrency. The services will start in Japan, but will not end there, hopefully spreading technology for improving the industry around the world.

What are your thoughts on the new collaboration? How can they improve the industry? Leave your comments in the section below.

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