Crypto Harvest

The number of phishing sites, scammers and hackers are on the rise. Especially with the growth of the cryptocurrency world, more investors have found themselves in the hands of unscrupulous businessmen.

Cryptocurrencies have no central authority to regulate the digital activities and this has seen a surge in financial fraud. Before investing in any company claiming to grow investments and profits overnight, do your homework. Some companies are out to fleece you of your hard-earned money. Crypto Harvest is one of those companies run by individuals who will collect your money and get away with it once they get to their desired target.

What Is Crypto Harvest?

Crypto Harvest is a company claiming to be a licensed and reliable crypto-doubler. They claim to grow the money you invest with them to realize unprecedented ROI.

Crypto Harvest Registration

Anyone with a keen eye will notice that the registration and license proof provided on the site is for Bitcoin and Crypto Trading Ltd- a different company altogether. Red flag number one. The website does not relate in any way to the company registered with the Companies House, UK. At the same time, the company took the Companies House default address. How is it that a site that seeks to grow your investments does not have its own verifiable address?

Don’t forget that there are no contacts available on the site for any investor who wishes to get in touch with the company.

Crypto Harvest Whitepaper

The company has splashed numbers and percentages on its site purporting to be ROI if you invest your money with them. Unfortunately, they are just that, numbers. Why? The company has no whitepaper informing and educating their investors on how they will make their money grow. The company has no products or services offered to consumers in order to make money for investors. There are no calculations or simulations showing how these returns were arrived at. It is safe to assume that it’s all hogwash.

A legit company will not ask for deposits without telling investors how it intends to invest the money to make worthwhile returns.

Crypto Harvest Doubler Investment Compensation Plans

Crypto Harvest offers four investment plans with promises of making far-fetched profits on a daily basis. The more you invest the higher your profits. But don't let the empty promises cloud your judgment. Is it possible to make such unprecedented profits overnight without a clear business model? You're right. You can't.

Crypto Harvest Affiliate Commissions

Typical of scam sites, Crypto Harvest offers referral commissions to investors who refer other people to the Ponzi scam. You are expected to introduce people to the site through your site and you earn 10% commissions on the amounts they deposit. Again, how these deposits will be invested is unclear. In short, they want you to be part of the web of deceit by bringing in your friends and family.

Who Is Behind Crypto Harvest?

Crypto Harvest has no team and if it does then it is anonymous. You cannot put a face to the people behind the company so investing with them is a huge risk.

Crypto Harvest Verdict

Before investing in this or any other company claiming to grow your money, look at the red flags. If you have an unsettling feeling about a site then you are probably right. Seek to invest your money in a verifiable and legit investment or wealth affiliate company. Crypto Harvest is a clearly a Ponzi Scheme.


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