Before we proceed any further with this review, we should learn a bit more about HYIP schemes, and how they work. In their basic essence, a HYIP (high-yield investment program) is a type of Ponzi scheme, that requires users to make investments for which they are promised exponential returns. However, the problem with such plans is that they are not sustainable in the long run. HYIP’s uses a pyramid structure, in which the top echelon of the company is able to receive big short term profits. However, as time progresses, these schemes start to collapse into themselves, and eventually implode completely.

What Is Crypto Holders?

Cryptoholders is a crypto based HYIP program that promises its customers with large returns, within a very short passage of time. Even though the company has been in the crypto domain for some time, the payouts that they are offering are simply unrealistic. In addition to this, there are also other suspicious activities that that have led us to believe that crypto holders might be a scam. For starters, the company went offline sometime back, and then suddenly appeared again claiming to have been involved in various digital trading ventures.

Are The ROI’s Being Offered Realistic?

To make a long story short, the returns being offered by the company are not feasible, and have no factual data to backup the claims being put forth by the company. Some of the plans on offer include:

  • Daily Profit Scheme: Daily Profit: 7% – Deposit Term: 22 Days – Min. Deposit: 20$
  • Weekly Profit Scheme: Profit after 7 Days: 110% – Deposit Term: 7 Days– Min. Deposit: 20$

The economics of both these plans have not been elucidated, leading us to believe that they cannot be sustained for long durations.

Some Aspects To Be Worried About

Domain Name:

While most high quality projects make use of domain names that end with .io, Crypto Holders makes use of a “non premium” name that ends with .cc.

New Service:

Even though Crypto Holder claims to have been in the crypto game for many years, we conducted a quick online search and found that the business has only recently registered itself on the 12th of December.

Poor Traffic:

Another suspicious aspect of this service is that all of the traffic that the website generate comes from youtube videos. Not only that, there are hardly any visitors who frequent the website, leading us to believe that not a lot of people have used this platform in the past.

Crypto Holders Conclusion

While there are certain positives to this entire project, like them holding a SSL certification (verified by GeoTrust), we would still advice readers to hold back on their investments. Since Crypto Holders is a HYIP scheme, it is bound to crash at some point. Thus, for long term stability, it would be best for individuals to invest in other projects.

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