Tired of currency restrictions on your dream betting site? With Crypto IBET, there is a relief. At a token price of 1 Ethereum –b 3784 IBET, Crypto IBET is the future of the gaming world.

How Crypto iBet Works

Crypto IBET allows for microservices of its core back-end engine to run independently using different rights of access in order to allow users communicate easily with its web services. This is also helpful in securing Crypto IBET from various forms of hacks and scams that characterizes the cryptocurrency atmosphere. Taking downtime issues very seriously, Crypto IBET uses Elixir – a highly scalable language, which is similar to those used by most telecommunication providers. Crypto IBET, just like other systems, cannot claim 100% security. However, it monitors its configuration and every activity engaged on it. In a case where a breach or hack is suspected, Crypto IBET analyses its data and corrects as quickly as possible any of such irregularities.

Crypto iBet ICO Details

Crypto IBET will be providing a total of about 70% IBET tokens from the ICO to investors as a way of providing opportunities to them. In this same vein, the remaining 30% of the tokens will be used by Crypto IBET to ensure the proper functioning, maintenance, and expansion of Crypto IBET. The IBET token can be used for game betting, as bets can be placed on all games using the IBET tokens. In relation to other currency exchange, when listed, Crypto IBET can be traded with and through other virtual currency exchanges. A net income of about 80% is also allocated on a monthly basis to holders of the IBET token.

Crypto iBet And The Law

Every activity of tokens on blockchain technology is guided by certain government regulations. These regulations are put forth to control the ownership and use of tokens, and also ensure that funds invested by investors are safe. Crypto IBET is ready to bend its activities to comply with these requirements and government regulations. In doing this, Crypto IBET will be getting a license from as many countries it wishes to operate in. Crypto IBET will be getting the online casino license to prove its legitimacy to customers, partners and investors alike.

Crypto iBet Conclusion

With an impressive roadmap thus far, Crypto IBET has a bright future. Crypto IBET is bringing to the gaming world such an innovation that has never been experienced before. With Crypto IBET, owners, investors, and gamers alike can all become winners. Looking out to bring decentralized payment to the gaming world, Crypto IBET is a technological innovation to watch out for.

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