Crypto Key Stack: Proof of Water, Fire, Hammer, EMP and Disaster

Now you can keep your information offline and make a backup of your private keys and mnemonic phrases in stainless steel.

As a user, it is good that you control the process of physical security of your funds, from the generation of private keys to the engraving of your own information and what better way than doing it with an inclined electric engraver with a diamond tip.

Crypto Key Stack: this innovative device is waterproof, resistant to electromagnetic pulses of high intensity and even flame retardant (up to 1200 ° Celsius, twice as much as that generated by a residential fire) and can contain up to a combination of 8 private keys or mnemonic passphrases per device. This guarantees maximum security of vital information.

Crypto Key Stack LLC: is a new company created by the inventor Chris Gonyo. And its new device released to the market this year is designed to serve as a backup for multiple crypto keys.

About Crypto Key Stack: Its Importance

Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular. The benefits and characteristics of the revolutionary ecosystem have helped its greatest adoption around the world. One of the main components in the world of cryptocurrencies is the cryptocurrency wallet, which can be compared to a bank account in traditional banking. Such wallets have keys that are exclusive to cryptocurrency users.

The security of these keys is paramount to ensure that no unauthorized person has access to your funds. However, with a huge amount of cryptocurrencies now available in the market and users who need wallets for each of them, storing multiple private keys can sometimes be a bit tedious. This is where Crypto Key Stack becomes competitively essential for users.

Offering a unique cold storage for multiple wallet keys the offline backup in stainless steel ensures the longevity of all sensitive information such as mnemonic passphrases, private wallet keys and passwords.

Now you can stop worrying about maintaining the backup of your crypto in fragile materials such as paper or USB drives. Users can embed their private and mnemonic keys between a half pound stack of anodized stainless-steel plates. The device is currently available for orders around the world, and its official launch in the market began on February 26 of this year.

Who Is Crypto Key Stack LLC?

Crypto Key Stack LLC was founded by Chris Gonyo and NFL player Israel Idonije in January 2018. Based in Chicago, Illinois, the company was founded with the desire to provide a safer and quieter way to store personal cryptocurrency information. As a result, Crypto Key Stack LLC is also offering a wide range of products that allow users to store their vital information off-line in stainless steel.

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