Crypto Leader Jameson Lopp Believes Bitcoin Could Revolutionize Governance

Jameson Lopp Believes Bitcoin Could Revolutionize Governance

Jameson Lopp, a recognized figure in the cryptocurrency space and CTO of the crypto startup Casa, believes that Bitcoin is the first step to change how we think about governance. He said that during an interview on the Stephan Livera Podcast a few days ago.

He mentioned that Bitcoin is an experiment and that it could help the society move towards anarcho-capitalism. Jameson Lopp is also a self-described cypherpunk. Cypherpunks are those individuals that believe that the world can be changed using cryptography.

Lopp commented about this during the interview:

“I believe that Bitcoin is a very interesting experiment that if it is successful in the long run could not only revolutionize money but revolutionize how we think about governance.”

He went on saying that it might be possible to replace some governmental functionalities using software and cryptographic solutions. These services would be provided by software agents.

An important cypherpunk that recently passed away, Timothy May, wrote in his ‘Crypto Anarchist Manifiesto’ that cryptography would play an important role in creating a system where people would be able to interact freely without governmental influence.

Lopp has also mentioned that people are not investing in education. This is something that is very important for investors and enthusiasts. Users need to properly understand how crypto wallets and exchanges work, among other things.

Jameson Lopp has recently uploaded a series of Tweets in which he showed the most interesting developments related to Bitcoin during 2018. Although Bitcoin’s price has fallen since its all-time high in December 2017, fundamentals behind it continue to grow.

Casa is a company that provides tools to users that want to secure personal wealth and data. At the same time, the company sells an easy-to-use Lightning Network (LN) node.

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