Crypto Loot

Crypto mining is a profitable venture that can deliver a significant return on investment. Successful crypto mining, however, requires a significant amount of processing power. This requirement, in turn, necessitates a high power draw, which can quickly become expensive.

In order to overcome the processing power obstacles placed between miners and profit, many miners choose to combine their processing power into a collective effort called a “mining pool”. A new browser-based mining solution allows sites and platforms to take this concept a step further with a browser-based miner.

Crypto Loot allows users to monetize their online business by allowing their user base to donate their processing power via their browsers. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Crypto Loot solution and find out how it works to help you determine whether it’s worth integrating into your platform.

What Is Crypto Loot?

Crypto Loot is a stealthy and unobtrusive mining service that runs on a website, allowing website owners to capitalize on the distributed processing power of their user base. The Crypto Loot platform works across all devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones, and supports Windows, iOS, and Linux.

The Crypto Loot miner is designed for the Monero blockchain, and is focused on enhancing user privacy. The service uses lightning fast connections that are enhanced with DDoS protection and a spectrum of websocket proxies backed up with firewalls and multiple database servers to ensure maximum uptime.

How Crypto Loot Works

Crypto Loot is run automatically by website visitors, allowing them to mine XMR in return for a range of different incentives, such as ad-free experiences or website currency. Importantly, Crypto Loot doesn’t dictate how their software is used, and places control in the hands of the user.

Crypto Loot pays out 88% of mined commissions, at a minimum interval of 0.3 XMR. The platform also offers a wide range of implementation options for both websites and users. Getting started with Crypto Loot is extremely easy- users need only sign up with a quick form to receive the necessary data to get started mining XMR straight away.

The Crypto Loot platform provides extensive documentation on the platform website, explaining how the Javascript that power the service works. As the Crypto Loot miner itself does not come with a user interface, it’s important to provide users with information on what is occurring and provide detailed statistics on mined hashes.

It is possible to run the Crypto Loot miner without informing website visitors, but this practice has gathered a significant amount of negative press recently, so it’s best to inform website visitors if you choose to mine with Crypto Loot.

Crypto Loot Concusion

The Crypto Loot service is a streamlined, low-profile, and functional in browser miner that can be used to significantly improve the profitability of any online platform. If you’re looking for an in-browser mining solution, Crypto Loot is definitely worth consideration.


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