Crypto Market Value Still Falling But Top Institutions Are Readying Their Crypto Trading Infrastructures

It is no secret that the cryptocurrency market hasn’t been doing well, dropping in price every day. Institutional investors have been slowly inching into the space over the last few years, and it is coming time for them to offer a solution, which is exactly what some experts have been urging.

As such, firms are hoping that this will just be an opportunity to open the door for crypto trading for institutional investors.

Avelacom, a network service provider, decided to partner with XTRD to bring in an improved infrastructure that will help institutional investors in the crypto market. The companies are working on infrastructure that will offer high performance connectivity, supporting multiple exchanges.

The whole point of the partnership, essentially, is to help with accessibility, providing market data that is barely a millisecond home at any time. There will also be order routing to help with liquidity in crypto exchanges based in Asia, Europe, and the US.

XTRD has been bringing the technology that typically is found in the traditional market to the crypto market, hopefully bringing aggregated liquidity with it. With how popular this tech is becoming with institutional firms, there are many investors that are taking note.

Along with this progress, XTRD has been using their experience in market data, colocation, and other facets involved with both high frequency and DMA trading infrastructure to create their own platforms.

Ultimately, the collaboration will bring in the big spenders of the traditional finance world – banks, hedge funds, and institutional traders – into the crypto space. There are multiple arbitrage opportunities to attract these investors, which the environment hadn’t had in the past.

Aleksey Larichev, Managing Director of the network service provider, noted that the company was lucky enough to find a major gap existing between the usual solutions online and the demands of institutional clients. Larichev continued, saying,

“Web-based applications will never meet the expectations of institutional investors. We are best known for working with global market makers and HFTs, so it was natural for us to adapt our IT infrastructure for institutional crypto trading.”

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