Crypto Mine Holdings

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Crypto Mine Holdings, found online at, promises to help you get rich quick with no effort or risk. Here’s our review.

What Is Crypto Mine Holdings?

Crypto Mine Holdings is a bitcoin mining platform that promises to profitably mine cryptocurrencies using “top notch hardware” to give investors “the desired returns on your investment.”

That all sounds good – but it doesn’t take more than a few seconds of looking at Crypto Mine Holdings before you realize it’s a blatant scam. The website promises stupidly high daily ROIs of 5% to 7%. No investment can reliably offer returns this high.

Obviously, we’ve seen a growing number of pyramid schemes, high yield investment program (HYIP) scams, and MLM schemes pop up in the bitcoin community in recent weeks. Crypto Mine Holdings is yet another one.

How Does Crypto Mine Holdings Work?

Crypto Mine Holdings doesn’t appear to operate any mining farm. Instead, the company just uses a pyramid scheme or multilevel marketing scam to convince people to join.

No mining farm can reliably offer returns of 5% to 7% per day. That adds up to over 1500% ROI every year. Even if someone did have a moneymaking scheme that paid this much money, they wouldn’t be sharing it with the world.

Despite the fact that it’s an obvious scam, Crypto Mine Holdings insists that it offers reliable bitcoin cloud mining, easy withdrawals, dedicated customer service, and detailed statistics.

All you need to do to start making money is to give a bunch of money to Crypto Mine Holdings. They’ll magically make more money over and over again. With guaranteed returns of over 1500% per year, you can get rich quick with Crypto Mine Holdings – at least, that’s what the scammers want you to think.

Crypto Mine Holdings Plans And Pricing

Crypto Mine Holdings offers three different plans, including:

  • Plan 4: 5% daily for 22 days
  • Plan 5: 6% daily ROI for 20 days
  • Plan 6: 7% daily ROI for 20 days

Yes, for whatever reason, the plans start at “Plan 4” and not “Plan 1”.

Who’s Behind Crypto Mine Holdings?

Crypto Mine Holdings is an obvious scam. One of the easiest ways to spot a scam is when the company asks you to give them money – yet refuses to disclose any information about themselves. That’s the case with Crypto Mine Holdings. The company’s “About” page features no specific information about any members of the company.

The website was registered in July 2017. Aside from an online contact form, we have no contact information for the company.

Crypto Mine Holdings Conclusion

The bitcoin cloud mining industry is filled with scams. Crypto Mine Holdings is one of the more obvious scams we’ve seen. The company promises to pay you returns of 1500% or more per year. All you need to do is give the company a bunch of money, and they’ll magically turn it into more money.

In reality, Crypto Mine Holdings appears to be run by a single scam artist or a team of scammers who have no mining operation in place. Based on all of the information we see online, Crypto Mine Holdings is a blatant scam.

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