Crypto Mining Cube

What Is Crypto Mining Cube?

As the name suggest, Crypto Mining Tube is vendor for enclosed digital currency mining rigs. Usually, the equipment is enclosed on a box-like structure, hence the name cube. A single can chassis can house from one to nineteen GPUs.

Besides mining hardware, the Crypto Mining Cube development team is vastly experienced in handling computing infrastructure, having been on the sector for over three decades. During this time, the company has built, installed, operated and serviced over 400 computers in Linux clusters. Furthermore, their client list is enviable, having worked with top government agencies as well as leading manufacturers of networking hardware.

Crypto Mining Cube Turn-key GPU Crypto Mining Rigs Advantages

  • Compact design – by placing all the GPUs in a single chassis, it gives an easy time for the miner when they want to move their rig. Further, a compact outlook has an aesthetic appeal.
  • Customization – Crypto Mining Cubes are only built upon a customer’s request. This means that a user can request for unit according to their desired specifications.
  • Competitive pricing – the cost of acquiring a mining cube is comparatively cheaper as compared to other similar options.
  • Multiple currencies supported – as mentioned above, this devices supports a wide assortment of digital currencies. Thus, its user can diversify their mining activities with ease.
  • Easy to configure – Crypto Mining Cubes have support for the ‘plug and play’ feature, making it easy for laypersons to install and configure the hardware.
  • Reputable manufacturer – going by the vast experience of the developers, users are assured of quality in both design and performance.
  • Scalability – it is easy to add more GPUs to the mining rig, provided the maximum capacity is not reached.

Crypto Mining Cube Disadvantage

  • High power consumption – as expected of any mining rig, this device consumes large quantities of electricity.

Crypto Mining Cube Conclusion

The company provides both presale and post-sale consultancy and support services. Additionally, the mining rig components (Both hardware and software) are thoroughly tested beforehand, ensuring that the buyer enjoys smooth operability and an easy installation.

After installation, the user can start mining straightaway. The hardware support all the major digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, and so on.

Also, it accepts lesser-known altcoins such as Golem, Nexus, Tether, Qtum, Bytecoin and so much more. Regarding digital wallets, Crypto Mining Cube assists its customers with the selection of appropriate e-wallets and crypto trading platforms.

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