Crypto Mining Japan

One of Japan’s foremost fintech and crypto currency platforms, Crypto Mining Japan, has recently announced a partnership with Looop, a high-profile renewable energy company. Together, CMJ and Looop plan to create a complete resource sharing ecosystem.

The new project will launch an ICO intended to assist centralized businesses in adopting blockchain technology, as well as assist them in launching new token sales.

Mining Energy Efficiency

In the current mining paradigm, most industry observers and participants believe that mining is best performed outside of Japan, in countries such as China where electricity is far cheaper.

The advanced technological expertise of Crypto Mining Japan, however, combined with Looops’s new method of generating cheap, sustainable energy, is set to create a synergistic relationship that will contribute to stabilizing the cryptocurrency blockchain network.

Looop has a significant technological base in the solar power generation industry, and is able to use innovative generation techniques to produce energy at a rate far lower than industry standards, which will then be used to power the new mining platform.

The Crypto Mining Japan Mining Environment

Crypto Mining Japan is bringing a unique form of mining architecture to the table in this new partnership. CMJ’s innovative plug-and-play mining infrastructure is able to deliver cloud mining services as well as mining pool services.

Interestingly, CMJ will combine Looop proprietary solar power technology into the top of their shipping container-based mining hardware to create a truly portable, energy efficient mining powerhouse. The shipping container mining hardware is also enhanced with thermal insulation to maximize power generation and mining efficiency.

Upcoming ICOs

In order to fund their upcoming partnership and the development of the new proprietary mining technology, both Looop and CMJ will be launching ICOs to generate venture capital. Looop plans to launch their ICO in late December 2017, while the CMJ ICO will operate from December 2017 to January 2018.

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