CryptoMiningSpace (CMS) Review

CryptoMiningSpace, also known as CMS, is a mining company from Macau. The company is specialized in both mining and trading. CMS states that it has a powerful mining facility and that you can use it to profit. The company uses Bitcoiin2Gen (B2G), so you will need this cryptocurrency to invest in the company.

The company is an accredited partner of Dragon Mining, a major mining company with thousands of mining rigs. That company mines B2G, so this is also the cryptocurrency being mined by this company.

How To Use CryptoMiningSpace (CMS)?

First, you have to register your account. Beware that it will not be an automatic process, though, and you have to wait for an account manager to get in touch with you before you can start using the platform.

After you already have a working account, you will have to use your B2G wallet to fund it. If you do not have a cryptocurrency wallet, you have to create it and use BTC or ETH to buy B2G tokens because you will definitely need them. The minimum that you can deposit is the equivalent of $100 USD. After that, you are good to go and you only have to choose your investment plan.

Be mindful that the company does not offer compounding options, though, so you will not be able to add funds to an account after you have already done that. After you choose a plan and deposit the money, that’s it, so think carefully about your investment before you decide to go forward with it.

cryptominingspace homepage

The CryptoMiningSpace (CMS) Investment Plans

This company offers three different investments plans that you can use to get profit:

  1. Executive plan: 30% average returns of 20% to 25% in a month. Minimum payment: $100. Program type: 100% mining. Contract of 30 days.
  2. Corporate plan: 25% to 35% in a month. Minimum: $1000. Program type: 80% mining, 20% trading. Contract of 30 days with additional 60 days if you want to.
  3. Professional plan: 30% to 55% in a month. Minimum: $100,000. Program type: 70% mining, 30% trading. Contract of 90 days.

All the plans do not have electricity fees and use a DragonMiner B2G/ETH GPU Miner.

The CryptoMiningSpace also has a referral program that you can use to invite people to the platform and then a certain quantity of money from the investment of the person that you have invited.

The CryptoMiningSpace (CMS) Conclusion

This company does pass a more trustworthy image than many other small miners that you might find online, but there is still a substantial risk involved in investing in a company like this. Because of this, you should be aware that investing in CMS might be a risky investment, especially for their more expensive plans.

Avoid the most expensive option, as it looks very risky. If you are decided that you should invest, just invest in the Executive Plan instead and see how much profit you make in a month. At least you would not have lost a lot of money in the worst case scenario.

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