Crypto N Kafe CNK ICO

What is Crypto N Kafe CNK?

Crypto N Kafe is a blockchain enabled decentralized global ecosystem that focuses on directly connecting coffee farmers and their respective consumers while getting rid of the retailer superiority in the market.

The platform is powered by smart contract technology that helps in improving efficiency in overall service delivery while restoring trust and transparency between the involved parties. The platform is one of a kind in Africa with a major focus on small-scale farmers with the aim of elevating their ventures into more profitable ones.

Through the standardized operations of the system, Crypto N’ Kafe can offer a lot of benefits to coffee consumers which include easy access to a variety of the produce, standardized coffee prices, easy purchasing procedures as well as unbounded consumers’ access to suppliers.

Since the platform vets all its suppliers, the quality of the produce on the system is of guaranteed good quality. Additionally, farmers using the Crypto N’ Kafe platform have a great chance to market their products to millions of consumers hence aiming at closing better deals with better customer feedback channels that would help them in improving themselves or as a point of reference to the next deals.

The whole transaction process is keenly monitored through the blockchain system special codes from the moment a transaction request is broadcasted to data verification and closing of the deal with the request of token transfers to the supplier

The Crypto N’ Kafe platform uses tokens in all the transaction process thus limiting chances of fraud. Roasters have to negotiate with both farmers and consumers to close deals related to offering simple payment processes at a small fee and enhancing business to business transactions.

Generally, at the moment the platforms seem like a good idea as it gives access to transact all over the world and with a CNK mobile app, the future is promising. Furthermore, the platform puts in place the use Crypto-out Card that is set to allow users to access to token purchases easily. Interesting, right? But whether involved stakeholders in the farming sector will take up the opportunity is yet to be proved.

The Crypto N’ Kafe token pre-sale is set to take off on 18th January 2018 through the 29th of January 2018 offering a whopping 25-35% bonus.  Next will be the ICO which is scheduled to flag off on 4th February 2018 with a yet to be disclosed interval bonus profile. During the ICO the Crypto N’ Kafe platform will distribute a total of 51,000,000 tokens at 51,000 ETH.

However, you should be aware that there will be no token minting after the elapse of the ICO period and the exhaustion of the distribution of the set token number of 78,600,000. So, the early you make up your mind about this venture the better. Consequently, you would need to think this through as the Crypto N’ Kafe token value is not predictable at the moment.

Whether it will rise/ fall or remain sustainable is a thing you will have to wait to find out on your own. The platform is also set on locking out jokers from the system by allowing only registered investors with proper information access to the purchase of the tokens.That's some good news for real investors’ right there. So far the platform seems promising Africa is the home of some of the finest coffe

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