Crypto PowerRanks Investment Research & Analytic Tools Launches

WaterStreet Research Partners, a firm that focuses on providing investment strategy research, has recently launched a membership-based program called the Crypto PowerRanks. The program has been developed as an effort to provide both beginners and advanced players within the crypto space with the necessary tools to build their own crypto investment plans.

As more and more consumers get attracted to the cryptoworld, many find themselves with unanswered questions. This especially is suitable for the constant fluctuations and prolonging red zones, that many simply do not understand. Even when one finds him or herself relying on the internet for additional resources, there’s doubt as not all information is as precise as they can be.

Founders of WaterStreet, Thomas Fox and Jonathan Held were aware of the interest surrounding the crypto market as well as the lack of information available. Hence, the pair decided it was crucial to put together their years of experience within the investment sector to use by developing a knowledgeable program. Held believes that,

“More and more investors are entering the crypto market and have expressed a clear need for more insight, intelligence, and tools so they can make better informed decisions… crypto investors are tired of biased and emotional opinions found across many blogs and video channels.”

He concluded by suggesting that the Crypto PowerRanks can potentially increase one’s understanding while ensuring that each individual is confident with the decisions made.

The overall program has been properly put together. It is clear that a lot of thought has been put into the Crypto PowerRanks, as it has been broken down into five different sections including PowerIndices, PowerReports, PowerIndicators, PowerBenchmarks, and PowerRanks News.

PowerIndices supposedly uses 12 artificial intelligence-driven indices, which have been used over several decades as a mean to measure the potential of a coin along with its overall performance. PowerReports expand upon the indices presented in the PowerIndices, along with reasons as to why changes might occur.

PowerIndicators will provide users with the key metrics needed to make the right investment choices. PowerBenchmarks will focus on diversifying porfolios and PowerRank News will keep users updated on all matters crypto.

As for the membership fees, the monthly fee is $39.95, with a current trial version in place for $19.95 (first month only). For more information on how to make better investment decisions, go to:

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