Crypto Pundit Nick Evdokimov Announces ICO Investment Strategy Video Series

Blockchain Expert Nick Evdokimov Puts Out New ICO Video To Teach Investment Strategies

Specialized blockchain expert, Nick Evdokimov launched an official videos series on YouTube. The comprehensive guide on his YouTube channel shows demonstrations investment strategies for the successful navigation of ICOs.

The new series will be released once or twice per week to help you keep up with the specialized evolution of the fast-paced, changing marketplace. It’s to give you a roadmap that is complete and up to date as an online guide for anyone who is interested in learning about blockchain investments.

The blockchain is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world, with developing industries starting to use it more and more. But many of the investors into ICOs lose money because of bad investing. Determining what ICO to invest into is essential for making any significant progress. There are scams all over, and the industry in general can be extremely volatile.

Nick Evodkimov is very aware of these issues as he started investing back in 2016. It’s difficult for new investors to get started successfully if they are attempting to invest into utility, security, or currency tokens. Even reward tokens put up a serious challenge, and it’s harder to avoid scams or find any type of legit cryptocurrency analysts to trust.

In the soon to be released videos, Nick gives his explanation on ICOs to take off from the start and to keep climbing, while others fizzle out and die after only a couple weeks or months. He goes into further details about ICO documentation, speaks about blockchain startup technology, and teaches how to decide if there is a demand on a specific investment coin. People who view the vides will also learn the right questions to ask founders to finally determine if an investment would be lucrative or not.

More On Nick

Nick is a serial entrepreneur, highly successfully, who has achieved massive levels of success with his numerous contributions for SEO. Other accomplishments include investing, token design work, blockchain development, fintech leader and author of more seven books on marketing, even one that is on contextual advertising for MBA students.

Now he is considered a leading resource on the blockchain and ICOs. After he started with cryptocurrency mining, he developed more than 40 tokens as an engineer, including key coin models including the token-discount, access and payment tools. Along with that, he created a model for performing mix-deals for investors looking to purchase equity and hedging transactions.

He is the founder of ICOBox, the largest service provider for ICO-based solutions. Nick also contributes to popular publications like The Huffington Post, Urban Crypto, and Anycoin, as well as speaks at global conferences in Gibraltar, the UAE, and finally Silicon Valley. Lastly, he is an advisor to several different successfully startups in the blockchain technology industry.

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