Crypto Racing League ICO

Blockchain is revolutionising the way most industries operate. Gaming industry, famous for being forward leaning is certainly not far behind in this race.

About Crypto Racing League

Crypto Racing League is one of its kind decentralised game focused on racing rare collectible cars stored on the ethereum blockchain. They are the only decentralized game where you can play the entire game without spending a single penny.

A participant starts with a starter car but they can collect unique cars, legendary parts and gain access to special races and tournaments. Users have to get the right combination of modifiers on their parts to conquer any of the different race and weather conditions.

About the Gameplay

The game can be split in 3 sections: Trading, Garage and Racing.


Car parts and other consumables can be bought, sold and traded at a live market. Loot boxes of varying rarity can be purchased from the online store.


Each player has access to a garage where they can hold unlimited number of cars, each cars being fully customizable. The six car parts included in gameplay are tires, engine, transmission, brakes, exhaust and intake. Unique car parts from each of these six categories can be obtained as players earn loot boxes. Each car part only be used for a certain number of races, so the player must utilize the car parts wisely, especially the rare ones.


Racing is the main theme of the game and is broken down into two categories-rally and circuit. As racing adds mileage to cars and items, a car will eventually be rendered useless unless consumables are increased to maximum mileage.

Each component of game compliments one another and builds on the other to create a dynamic and rich gaming experience. The whole experience is great but if a participant wishes to play the free version where only trading or collecting carrs is available, they can still have a rich and fulfilling experience. They equally expedite gamers who solely wish to collect valuable digital assets as well as those who wish to experience the full game play.

Features of the Game


There will be 6 group items, namely, Loot Boxes, NOS Tokens, Cars, Car parts, Consumable and Cosmetics. The main way to receive cars, car parts, consumables and NOS Tokens is through loot boxes.


A large component of the game is the ability for players to buy, sell and trade items. Ethereum network keep all transaction simple and secure. All the items are essentially ERC721 tokens, which means they are unique and non-fungible. This allows every player to have a one of a kind car.

Loot Boxes:

A key component of gameplay is loot boxes. They have an associated rarity. Common loot boxes have a higher chance of dropping common or low level items, while rare loot boxes have a higher chance of dropping rare or high level items.

Signing Up for the Crypto Racing League Game

It is simple and free to be a part of this experience. When one signs up, they receive a first car and NOS token completely free. When you refer your friends, both get rewards. The Premium Early Access Kit is available for purchase for heavily discounted price of only 0.45 ETH as a part of early bird offer.

Crypto Racing League ICO Conclusion

Crypto Racing League have been causing significant buzz in the crypto-gaming ecosystem with partnering with OPSkins and OPEN Platform. With constant updates coming up almost every month, you are bound to never getting bored with this game.

You can find out more about the game and make the best of their early bird offer on

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