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Crypto-Currency Evolution is a digital eBook sold online through Find out if it’s worth the price today in our review.

What Is Crypto Reports?

Do you want to make money by buying and selling cryptocurrencies like bitcoin? Of course you do. Crypto-Currency Evolution wants to teach you how to do that. The beginner-friendly eBook is a Clickbank product sold online through You can download the eBook – which comes in the form of a PDF file delivered to your inbox – for a price of $9.

The eBook’s overall goal is to teach you how to buy, trade, mine, and earn cryptocurrencies. It was written by a group called The Financial Freedom Foundation.

Like many other dubious “get rich quick” cryptocurrency guides, Crypto-Currency Evolution is catered towards newbies. The cryptocurrency market today is flooded with newbies who have heard about the benefits of cryptocurrencies. These people have heard about bitcoin millionaires, and they want to get a piece of the action.

Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll learn through Crypto-Currency Evolution.

What Will You Learn In Crypto-Currency Evolution?

Crypto-Currency Evolution advertises itself like it’s some extensive manual on how to become a millionaire through cryptocurrency mining and trading.

In reality, this eBook is just 31 pages long. It explains basic information about how cryptocurrencies work, how to buy and sell digital assets, and how to protect your digital assets.

In other words, it’s basic information you can read online at any website (including our website).

The knowledge isn’t particularly insightful. It also doesn’t appear to be written by any type of cryptocurrency expert – the author isn’t a bitcoin millionaire or a successful day trader who’s giving away his secrets, for example. Instead, the information appears to have been mostly collected from various online sources.

Here are some of the basic things you’ll learn in the guide:

  • Initial coin offerings (ICOs): Crypto-Currency Evolution claims to teach you “which coins are experiencing triple digital returns per week.”
  • Cryptocurrency Mining: How to mine cryptocurrencies and which coins to mine besides bitcoin.
  • Mining Pools and Cloud Contracts: Which cloud-based miners are good, and which ones are not.
  • Buy and Hold: Which coins you should buy and hold today, and where you should buy them from.
  • Auto Trading: Which platforms are best to use when setting up your own automatic trading system.
  • Managed Trading Accounts: How professional traders generate 10% returns for small investors.
  • Security: How to keep your cryptocurrencies safe against hackers.

Ultimately, it’s an overall beginner’s guide to the world of cryptocurrencies. It’s not bad information – but it’s just basic stuff you can read online for free without paying $9 for a PDF file.

Crypto-Currency Evolution Pricing

Crypto-Currency Evolution is available online today at a price of $9 USD.

The website claims that this special pricing is only available to the first 100 customers. However, this appears to be a marketing ploy, and the price never changes (we’ve certainly never seen the eBook priced at its “suggested price” of $100, which would be a ridiculous price to pay for a 31 page PDF file like this).

Who Wrote Crypto-Currency Evolution?

Crypto-Currency Evolution was written by a company that calls itself the Financial Freedom Foundation.

That Houston-based company appears to deal exclusively with online products. Most of the products explain various ways to make money online, or how to generate a passive income for yourself.

It’s unclear if the company relied on its own expertise to write Crypto-Currency Evolution, if they consulted with cryptocurrency experts, or if they just pulled the information from available sources online.

Crypto Reports Conclusion

Ultimately, the cryptocurrency industry is flooded with growth. Many people are entering the field, and that means beginner guides are easy to find online.

Crypto-Currency Evolution doesn’t teach you anything unique about the cryptocurrency industry. It provides basic information similar to the info you can find for free online from any website.

Crypto-Currency Evolution also appears to engage in shady online marketing practices. The book claims that it’s discounted from a “regular price” of $100, for example, and that the special discount pricing of $9 is only available to the “first 100” customers. In reality, neither of these claims are true.

You can decide for yourself if Crypto-Currency Evolution – which is just 31 pages long – is worth the price today by visiting

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