Not everyone is anxious about the volatility of the cryptocurrency prices. Some people have a sense of humor about it. There is a new game called Crypto Rider a bitcoin racing game in which the player rides a little crypto-car along the ferally wavering prices of Bitcoin and AltCoins.

The gameplay is as facile as it gets. The player picks a car and a chart to ride the car on. The chart can be any of the major or minor cryptocurrencies in the market. You start off from the valuation of the coin’s humble start but reach the dizzy heights of valuation that it has achieved.

Other game options include a “total market cap” track, a “drag race” in which the player needs to clear a valuation gap and a track which takes a jibe at bitcoin holders: a downhill ride from $20K to $6.6K.

There are fun messages along the track and the car has exhaust from which tiny coins come out. Players have to collect coins along the way which can be used towards unlocking new cars.

The game is free, cute, dumb and fun to spend a few minutes of your time. Daniel Fahey, the developer of the game and founder of SuperFly Games said, “The game was a side project for me to do in my own time.” The game was never meant to be serious and is light-hearted fun in a somewhat serious space.

This game is the embodiment of the phrase ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Blockchain and Cryptosphere is promising but it will be a hell of a ‘ride’ to get there. Why not enjoy the ride and play Crypto Rider which is available for download on iOS and Android.

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