Crypto Solutions

Crypto Solutions PTY Limited is a cryptocurrency trading company that promises to maximize your return on investment. Read our review to find out how it works.

What Is Crypto Solutions?

Crypto Solutions, found online at, is some type of bitcoin investment that promises to provide up to 5000% returns on investment within 100 days. The company specifically claims that you can turn your $200 into $1 million simply by giving them the $200 to hold for a 100 day period.

The company also has a badge on its website claiming that it’s a “Federal Commission Affiliate”. The website also mentions the fact that it’s an Australian registered business. To their credit, the company does have a genuine corporation registration document listing an office building in Canberra.

Overall, Crypto Solutions wants to help you “build your future”. It claims to make money by actively trading on cryptocurrency markets. The company can accurately predict trends, buy low, and sell high on a consistent basis.

How Does Crypto Solutions Work?

Crypto Solutions promises to provide daily investment returns starting at 1.5% daily for accounts under $1,000. If you’re depositing $200 into a special fund, you can earn up to 5,000% interest.

Obviously, when someone is advertising interest rates as high as 1.5% per day or 5,000% per 100 days, that’s an enormous red flag. Sure, certain cryptocurrencies have delivered impressive returns over the years. However, there are no guarantees in a volatile marketplace. If someone promises to pay you enormous interest (several hundred or several thousand percent per year, guaranteed), then you’re almost certainly being scammed.

Despite the red flags, Crypto Solutions advertises itself as a “genuine investment platform” with “strong DDoS protection.” The company claims to make its enormous returns simply by trading cryptocurrencies and “minimizing sags and drawdowns by restructuring of investment means.” That’s very vague, but Crypto Solutions is basically claiming that they buy and sell cryptocurrencies to make a profit.

The company also claims to have some low-latency trading software. They claim to make trades more quickly than their competitors. That’s where the “secret” to Crypto Solutions’ success comes into effect. The company claims that even if it makes two cents on each trade, it can make $12 million a day through high frequency trading software making trades over a low latency network. That’s where the enormous interest rates come from.

Ultimately, despite the fancy terminology and grandiose investment promises, there’s no evidence that anyone has received any ROI from Crypto Solutions at any point.

Crypto Solutions Pricing

Crypto Solutions offers four different packages, including:

  • Crypto 1 ($10 to $1,000): 1.5% daily for 30 days, 6% referral commissions
  • Crypto 2 ($1,000 to $2,000): 1.7% daily for 60 days, 12% referral commissions
  • Crypto 3 ($10 to $100,000): 500% after 15 days, 3% referral commissions
  • Crypto 4 ($10 to $100,000): 1100% after 30 days, 7% referral commissions
  • Special Offer ($200 to $5,000): 5000% after 100 days, 15 referral commissions

Obviously, these interest rates are enormous and, in all likelihood, completely fake. The company’s website even has a “calculator” where you can discover how much money you’re guaranteed to make. It’s unclear what the company means when they say things like, “5,000% after 100 days”. However, we’re led to assume that you give the company your money today, they keep it for 100 days, and then they give you 5,000% returns. If you give the company $200 today, for example, then you’re guaranteed to get $1 million after 100 days.

Obviously, based on these promised investment returns, Crypto Solutions is a complete scam. No company is going to give you $1,000,000 in exchange for giving them $200 for 100 days. That would be the most expensive financing program in history. It just doesn’t make sense.

Who’s Behind Crypto Solutions?

Crypto Solutions PTY Limited is a Canberra, Australia-based company. The company has a company registration document listed on the official website certifying that they’re a real, registered Australian corporation. Their Australian Company Number is 619 294 825.

You can contact the company by email at [email protected] or by phone at +61 251 04 06 02.

In terms of the company’s management or who owns the company, we can’t find any information. The address provided by the company is for an office building in Canberra.

Crypto Solutions Conclusion

Crypto Solutions promises to turn your $200 investment into $1 million after just 100 days. Based on that information alone, you should know that the company is a scam. Crypto Solutions has a more legitimate-looking website than most bitcoin scams we’ve seen in the past. It even appears to have a genuine Australian corporation registration document.

However, when you look behind the scenes, you’ll find that Crypto Solutions appears to be a Ponzi scheme or multilevel marketing scheme: the company attracts investors with promises of ridiculously high investment returns. Then, once the scheme has collected enough money, it shuts down and leaves investors with no recourse.

We’re not saying Crypto Solutions is definitely a scam or Ponzi scheme. However, there’s absolutely no information online suggesting that this is a legitimate investment opportunity.

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  1. It is a scam. I lost my money.
    Advice is to not invest in this opportunity /company . Website is gone. They will start with another scam website.


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