Crypto System Plus

What Is Crypto System Plus?

Crypto System Plus is proclaimed as a system that will provide its users information as to when it is the best time to trade Bitcoin. The alerts supposedly will indicate when to make buys, sells and how much one should invest.

They further promote the ease-of-use, as it takes as little as three steps to get started. The minimum one can invest is approximately $250, with no maximum disclosed as of yet. Crypto System Plus appears to focus largely on a software that will deliver trading signals directly to one’s account. What makes Crypto System Plus skeptical is their inability to back up the claims made. Here is a complete look at the Crypto System Plus and why one must watch out for it.

Why Might The Crypto System Plus Be A Scam?

For starters, their supposed ability to provide alerts of Bitcoin (BTC) price rises is concerning. This is mainly because BTC has not achieved great growth since the beginning of 2018, better yet, the prices have either stagnated or dropped significantly. This is something to watch out for, as users might be provided with charts and technical analyses of past heights reached by BTC, or falsified ones altogether. When comparing the BTC chart from their website to that of Coinmarketcap, which is a trusted source, both differ drastically.

A claim that has been repeatedly displayed on the Crypto System Plus’ website is that it has partnered up with a regulated broker, however, upon creating an account, users will be directed to a broker that goes by the name, FX Ledger. It turns out that FX Ledger is not a regulated broker, which can be risky, especially when money is involved.

Does Crypto System Plus Bitcoin Trading System Software Work?

The biggest scams of all time have been the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro and Crypto Unlocked. Bitcoin Millionaire Pro originally stated that is was backed up by the International Council for Bitcoin, but in reality, no such council exists. Similarly, the Crypto Unlocked followed Bitcoin Millionaire Pro’s footsteps by using a closely related video. In addition, both platforms advertised non-existent cryptos. The reason for mentioning this is the fact that the Crypto System Plus uses the exact same software as the previous two scams.

Crypto System Plus Conclusion

Overall, the unclarity behind the Crypto System Plus forces one to believe it to be a scam. While one might argue that Bitcoin prices are likely to rise, which they can, the charts provided eliminates the dips experienced altogether. So, when a user gets a Bitcoin Alert, all he or she is seeing is an exponential growth. Even if this point is not enough to argue that users will be scammed, the fact that Crypto System Plus is partnered with a non-regulated broker makes it highly skeptical. Most of all, the software used has been the exact same one as that of other scamming projects.


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