Crypto Trading Addicts, Here's the Scottish Hospital's Questionnaire System

A Scottish Hospital Has Designed a Questionnaire to Gauge The Level Of Crypto trading Addiction

When cryptocurrency trading first got in the market, it was considered to be an exciting and fun investment option and was also the subject of various memes and even funny phrases. But beneath all this excitement and the memes that have been published, there have been large sums of digital funds that have been traded on various exchanges.

What this all means is that a savvy trader can quickly get addicted to this lifestyle of continually checking the prices of the crypto coins, this is from Ethereum, Bitcoin, and the many more currencies that have made it to the market. All this has been compared to online gambling or the type that is seen in most cities like New Jersey, Atlantic City, Nevada and Las Vegas.

It is because of all this that the Castle Craig Hospital that is located in Scotland, earlier this year announced that it would be offering various treatment options to those investors who could be suffering from crypt trading addiction. A gambling therapist, Chris Burn, has several things to say about the similarities that exist with crypto trading and the traditional gambling we have been accustomed to.

The Similarities That Exist According To Chris

The market has been considered to be high risk and also fluctuating, which are factors that tend to appeal to the problem gambler. All this is able to provide the individual with excitement and a small escape from reality. Let us take Bitcoin, for example, this coin has been heavily traded having huge loses and also gains been made over the years; thus, this is a classic bubble situation taking place.

With this background and also experience has led to some of the Scottish hospitals to release an online questionnaire for the various crypto traders in the market. This is to help gauge if this particular individual is actually addicted to the current growing industry.

There Is A Rising Concern From Various Hospitals

The institution also goes on to add, if an individual feels they are addicted or getting addicted to the crypto trading and are within the UK region, there are centers you are able to seek help from. You could try to seek help from the Castle Craig Addiction Treatment Clinic and GameCare. If you are located in the United States, you could seek help by calling National-Problem-Gambling helpline or simply visit the website for assistance.

Some Self-Help Tips You Could Use

The dos of the market;

  • Ensure that you have paid the essential bills first, this is from your mortgage before you start investing in the crypto market.
  • Ensure you are spending more time with your friends and family who are not interested with the crypto market.
  • You need to ensure you are dealing with your debts instead of ignoring them altogether.

The don’ts of the market;

  • You need to ensure you do not view the crypto market as the only way you can make money, see it as more of a casual interest.
  • Ensure you are not bottling up all your worries about the crypto market, talk to some from time to time.
  • Ensure you have credit cards with you when you decide to start trading in the crypto market.

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