Crypto Trading Bots

As the crypto engine continues to gather more and more momentum with each passing day, the market is now packed with investment tools that promise to help maximize user profits. Trading Bots are one such avenue, that make use of statistical market data to provide investors with decent returns (on an almost day to day basis). However, in recent months, there have been many cases of malware ridden bots that have infiltrated the market. Thus, when choosing such a service, customers should make sure that the project is not a scam.

What Is Crypto Trading Bots?

As the name clearly suggests, Crypto Trading Bots is an all new “automated trading tool” that makes wise investment choices on our behalf (so as to help us obtain the best possible return deals). Some of the key aspects of the tool include:

Daily profits:

According to the company’s website, users can invest and gain profits of up to 5% on a daily basis.

Expert Backing:

Another core facet of this platform is its design. The central software utilized by Crypto Trading Bots has been designed by professional traders who have been in this domain for quite a while.

Mathematically Designed:

From a more technical standpoint we can see that this crypto bot makes use of various mathematical algorithms to successfully initiate trades in various phases. Not only that, the strategies used by the system have been shown to theoretically increase returns on all our investments.


All of the trade commitments are initiated immediately, and withdrawals are processed within a timeframe of 8-12 hours (on an average).

Cryptocurrency Investment Software Other Details To Consider

For Everyone:

This system has been designed to be used by novice/ expert traders alike. For beginners, a 15 day trial can be made use of. This package allows for daily return rates of 2.3% – 2.8% to be obtained. Similarly, for professionals, a daily profit of 4.5-5% may be procured.

Referral program:

As per the website, there are three referral schemes that users can avail of. The profits that can be obtained from these schemes can range anywhere between 1-11% (depending upon the initial deposit).

Mobile app:

The company plans to release a fully functional smartphone app for Android and IOS users in the near future.

What Are The Investment Schemes Being Offered To Me?


As the name suggests, this plan is created especially for beginners who are looking to check out this trading bot. It makes use of investments that are spread over a period of 15 days and are able to deliver profits ranging between 2.3% – 2.8% daily.

The minimum deposit amount for this plan is $20, whereas the maximum amount is $1000. Similarly, the minimum withdrawal amount is $1.


This is a more investment heavy plan that requires users to put in money within the range of $100 – $10000. It allows us to reap good returns lying in the 4.5% – 5% region.

How Do I Sign Up With Crypto Trading Bots?

To make use of this service, customers can sign up by clicking on the relevant tab on the top right half of the homescreen. The entire process is quite straightforward and can be completed within a mere 5-8 minutes. If there are any doubts or queries in relation to this platform, customers can get in touch with company officials on [email protected] Alternatively, customers can also join the official FB chat group to seek more information about this trading bot.

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