At time of writing (February 2018), Crypto Trend Rider's website currently consists of only a clock counting down to the service's launch on February 11, a link to its Facebook page, and a field to enter an email address to join the company's mailing list. Neither the website nor the Facebook page reveal any information whatsoever about the group's products or services, or who is responsible for the project. However, a few websites have investigated this site further, and discovered what it will likely offer; most writers discussing the site have painted an overwhelmingly negative picture and described the service as an obvious scam.

What Is Crypto Trend Rider?

Crypto Trend Rider is allegedly the work of Roger Pierce, an investor who also created the AutoBinaryOptions robo-advisor to select binary options. Searching the internet yielded no biographical information about Roger Pierce.

The website includes a drop-down menu to select from over 15 different languages, but none of the different pages are actually translated. The website also lacks a meta description, the short text that appears beneath the URL in search engine results; considering the critical importance of meta descriptions to search engine optimization, the lack of one suggests alarming negligence on the part of the webmaster.

Crypto Trend Rider's Facebook page is similarly devoid of information; it has about sixty followers, and virtually all of its posts are general quotes about cryptocurrency, like “‘The future of money is digital currency‘ – Bill Gates.” The most interesting feature of the page is a pair of users, Ushaka Udo and Zulkifli Md Hussain, who post bizarre, poorly punctuated, and often meaningless comments on almost every post, like “The Next Generation Of Cryptocurrency Trading Must Take A Giant Step In Order To Become A Prominent Trader!” and “When finally it is unveiled, it will rolled away your tears.”

Crypto Trend Rider Worthy Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Training Product

Crypto Trend Rider's website includes no information about itself to suggest what product or service will be offered when its countdown ends. However, one reviewer who has researched the site indicates that it is designed to identify trends in the market with machine learning, giving investors a distinct edge. However, the reviewer mentions that the service goes on to make unrealistic claims about its profit margin, and neglects to identify what sort of variables it examines to identify these trends.

Crypto Trend Rider Opportunity

Crypto Trend Rider may be developing truly well-made proprietary software that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to reveal market trends invisible to the naked eye. However, there's simply no evidence to support this, and until the company can prove it has a valuable product, there's no reason to believe it has one.

Crypto Trend Rider Verdict

Crypto Trend Rider needs to be considerably more transparent about itself and its services if it hopes to gain any serious attention. It seems very strange that it doesn't disclose any information about its products; even a scam would typically include something deceptive. Investors should be very wary of Crypto Trend Rider; even if it is a free service, investors should not blindly follow its advice until it has a demonstrable record of success.

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