Crypto Twitter Account ShillExed Created to Expose Paid Promo Shillers

Shillexed Created To Expose Twitter Shillers

Last Sunday, July 15th, of 2018 – There was a new account that popped up on Twitter with the handle, @Shillexed with the same name. After only 48 hours the account had more than 5,000 followers, claiming to be “dedicated to exposing those who do not disclose their paid shills.”

Basically, saying that they will report anyone on Twitter who promotes blockchain projects to get paid. They already released information on another cryptocurrency account @cryptomocho who said he will now use the hashtag #paidpromo when promoting a project for free.

Interestingly enough, highly controversial and transparent is the name of the game. Is it ethical or vigilant? Let’s look at it deeper.

Why Create an Account to Call Out Shillers

First the purpose of the ShillExed has a worthy agenda supposedly. If that’s the case, then the person who is doing it is looking to make Twitter better for everyone. There needs to be a way to keep projects transparent when it comes to Twitter Tweets.

Why Is Twitter A Strong Platform for Crypto Readers

Crypto Enthusiasts Check Twitter Because of Three Main Purposes

  1. To be a place of readers to get quality news and summaries.
  2. A place where companies make announcements to reach a lot of people.
  3. To share opinions.

The new account is said to be exposing people who are not being honest about getting paid to promote.

Is it Right to Call Users Out?

Just because some of the information is withheld doesn’t mean its unethical. It depends on the information and who is holding it back. It’s doesn’t look like anyone is actually being hurt by any of the payments being made. It’s actually pretty common for a lot of columnist on Twitter to be bias. So that means there is no point in always listening to everyone.

The exposing of the content actually can hurt the person being shamed, it is after all an invasion of privacy. You could also call it cyberbullying or even trolling if you wanted to push it that far.

Freedom of Speech vs Invasion Of Privacy

In the US, people have freedom of speech and the right to privacy. It’s the same reason the cops need warrants to search your home. Everyone has this right, everyday people or celebrities – it doesn’t matter. Privacy is a right that should never be violated by anyone.

But that may not be as true for a random Twitter account. It is after all social media, simply a place where people follow each other. That means people are famous on Twitter because they’ve pressed a button. And an anonymous account doesn’t constitute being a person who deserves privacy.

Is it unethical?

Now, if it is unethical and hurts a person’s right to make money or causes them harm, it’s wrong. In this case, there are no users who were hurt because they signed up due to a person’s Tweets. People should be able to post whatever they want as long as they don’t hurt anyone.

Even if They Aren't “Famous” Should They Express Truth?

While Twitter doesn’t make you famous, you can still count on 10,000 people or more reading your post which is huge. As long as you don’t promote spam then you’re in the clear as far as I’m concerned.

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