Crypto VIP Club

As we are all familiar by now, Bitcoin is a highly sought after cryptocurrency that has exponentially increased in its value since its launch in 2009. It is the brainchild of Japanese software engineer who tried to make this digital asset as transparent as possible.

As a result of this, the currency does not make use of banks, serial numbers and can be transferred globally in a safe and effective manner without much hassle.

About Crypto VIP Club

The Crypto Vip Club is the brainchild of Andrew King, a supposed ‘pioneer’ in the field of crypto. The software can be thought of as a ‘crypto trading system’ that claims to make use of advanced mathematical algorithms that are meticulously designed, and have the potential to earn us thousands of dollars on a near daily basis.

However, the truth of the matter is there are a lot of suspicious aspects to this software which make it a little shady. Some of them include:

(i) Security:

One of the major drawbacks of Crypto VIP Club is the fact that it is based on an open source software system. As a result of this, it possible that other users and admins can track our movements at any give time, from any location on the planet.

(ii) Poor Traceability/ Accountability:

One of the biggest flaws with this system is that its computational processes are carried out by a home currency that cannot be physically traced and kept an eye on.

(iii) Poor Market Reputation:

One of the forbearing signs which demonstrate whether a service is legit or not, is its backing. If the platform is being used by credible institutions, it means that it possesses the required licenses to perform monetary transactions. However, Crypto VIP Club has not been not endorsed by any credible trader.

(iv) False Advertising:

One quick visit to the company’s official website will show banners claiming that the product has been validated by media agencies such as CNN, Forbes, Financial Times. However, this is not the case and upon a little investigation it was found that none of these sources have had any ties with Crypto VIP Club.

About the Founder

Throughout the website we are presented with the fact that the man behind this whole operation is a person called Andrew King, and on the main page itself we are shown a video wherein the narrator claims to be Mr King. However, this is highly doubtful as we are never shown the person's face.

Additionally, a quick search on google shows that there is no person who goes by this name and is associated with such a business venture. What this basically points to is the fact that this identity aims to serve as a potential cover up, incase some fraudulent activities are set into motion at a later stage.

Other Suspicious Highlights

(i) Unregulated:

As all crypto enthusiasts know by now, it is important to use trading systems that are licensed and regulated (so as to stay away from potential scams and frauds). However, Crypto ViP Club does not satisfy any of those criterias, and thus poses a threat in terms of monetary loss as well as identity theft.

(ii) No Anonymity:

This trading systems uses an interface that is open to modifications, and can be accessed by other admins in the system. This makes all dealings questionable, as people can keep a tab on all our activities at any given time.

(iii) Legal Issues:

As mentioned previously, the system is not in adherence with safety guidelines, and thus even if it does make trades for us, they will not lie in the realm of legality.

Is Crypto VIP Backed By Any Brokers?

The sad truth is Crypto VIP cannot be used by brokers since it does not possess the legal licenses that are required for legal monetary transactions to take place. In addition to this, no legal crypto broker would like to associate him/herself with such a platform since it can potentially destroy their image and market reputation.

Does It Work? If So.. How?

Crypto VIP Club makes bold statements that claim it uses “advanced algorithms and trading strategies so as to execute highly profitable trades”. However, we are never told about these strategies, or even made aware of some basics that we can then use to base our judgement on. The website just goes on talking about how the “future looks bright”, and how this system can change our lives, without ever showing us a roadmap for the same.

Crypto VIP Club Conclusion

Simply put, this software appears to be quite shady and does not have much credible evidence to back up its claims. For starters, there are no customer support numbers, or even a way to get in touch with company representatives to alleviate our doubts and concerns.

However, people interested in crypto trading can check the market for other trusted platforms that are based upon real research and have reviews that we can use.



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