Crypto Whale Moved 90 Million XRP On December 27

It seems that Christmas holidays are not stopping whales from moving funds from one wallet to another. This time, the XRP ledger has seen a 90,000,000 XRP transaction take place on December 27 from an unknown wallet to another unknown wallet. 90 million XRP is equal to $33,081,000 at current values ($0.36757).


However, this is not the only multi-million transaction processed on December 27. According to Whale Alert, 30,000,000 XRP have been transacted a few hours later. That means that an unknown wallet sent around $11 million to another unknown wallet.

These are important transactions that usually are related to exchanges or important companies moving their funds from one wallet to another. It can also be a firm that is trying to move the funds to another cold storage wallet.

Whale Alert usually informs when there are important transactions being processed in different blockchains and networks.

If you think that this is the largest transaction that XRP has ever processed, its ledger has seen even larger transactions. Back in October, we wrote a BitcoinExchangeGuide about a 150 million XRP transaction that was processed for just a few cents.

XRP has been created in order to help financial institutions make cross-border payments and transactions without having to be worried about high costs and low processing times. In the future, we might see larger transactions being processed by the XRP ledger if Ripple is able to onboard financial companies to the wide range of products offered by the firm.

XRP is the second largest virtual currency after Bitcoin and it has a market cap of $14.99 billion.

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