Crypto Xchange

If you have already heard of Crypto Xchange and you are wondering whether it can be a good idea to invest in this crypto company or not, you have come to the right place. Today we will review this rather shady investment.

How Crypto Xchange Bitcoin Trading Software Works

Despite being named Crypto Xchange, this company is not a cryptocurrency exchange. It is an alleged trading software that promises that it wins 99.4% of the time. Basically, this is a scam project that does not trade well and that wants you to believe that you will get rich quickly by using it.

The scam abuses the popularity of cryptos to clone scams like Crypto Revolt, Bitcoin Money and Bitcoin Trader. The product is actually so lazy that it does not even change the layout of the site or the video that it uses, it simply changes the name of the site and some colors.

All the testimonials presented in Crypto Xchange are obviously fake and they use stock photos to create “people” that will have positive things to say about the company. There is even a fictitious table of trades that were randomly generated by a computer. None of the trades ever happened, they are just there to fool you.

While the software is marketed as “free”, you have to deposit $250 USD and choose a broker to start trading and that is when the problem happens because it will use an unregulated broker that will cooperate with the scammers to give them your money and they will keep wanting deposits but you will never see your money back.

Crypto Xchange Verdict

This is a well-known scam that simply has a new name and color. Your best course of action would be to avoid entering in this lose-lose situation and to flee as soon as possible if you just entered. Cut your losses and move forward because there is nothing to win here.

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