What Is Crypto360Pro?

The new platform is promised to be one of the best cloud providers that specializes in mining cryptocurrencies. Any investors are promised a return of 800% in just seven days from sign up. If that’s not enough to make you scream scam, then I don’t know what to say. Keep reading and you’ll learn more about why you don’t want to invest into this Ponzi scheme.

There are ICOs like Crypto 360 popping up everywhere. A lot of them are frauds that promise huge returns in short time periods with little to no work or experience. Crypto 360 Pro is just like the rest of these, except they make even bigger claims than most.

They’re basically looking to bring in as many naïve investors as possible in the shortest time period before they get shut down for ripping people off. Before you waist time investing into this company, read more into this and you’ll see why it’s a bad idea.

How Crypto360Pro Cryptocurrency Mining & Investing HYIP Works

As of now the company is an ICO that is asking for a certain amount of money from new investors to get in before their tokens are released. Unfortunately, the chance of their token ever being released is slim to none. They want their payments in cryptocurrencies as well, so they cannot be traced.

It’s a simple Ponzi scheme setup like many others we’ve seen online. The business model they are using is identical to other schemes online that have already ripped people off. They advertise massive returns in very short time periods, upwards of 800% – a completely unrealistic and fabricated number that is a lie. Also, they are basically using the same scam as that of Crypto 301 scam.

Crypto 360 Pro has promises made that simply cannot be met. The reality is, anyone who invest with them will never get paid out. It’s a sure-fire way for them to make money and you get ripped off. This isn’t really just speculation either, it’s a word of warning to you.

Since they’re an investment firm, they require investments to operate. They ask investors to wait a lengthy amount of time before getting paid out. It gives them time to collect as much money as possible before they ultimately collapse, and a bunch of people lose money. They are not even operating with any specific regulations or jurisdictions.

There’s no real way to validate the company, because there is no real company to speak of. They hold no licenses or credentials and are basically just a website where thy collect people’s money. On the website they claim to be legally registered in the UK, but there is no actual redirect to any type of registration whatsoever.

There is actually a confirmation with the FCA and Companies House UK that they are not licensed and are fraudulent, bringing in members illegally.

Who’s Behind Crypto360Pro?

One of the largest red flags of the company is there is no information on who is behind the company. They make big promises of massive ROI with residual incomes, but no one knows who they are. They are faceless entities that are asking for money from would be investors. And the investments are in untraceable cryptocurrency.

Who are they? No on really knows. One thing we know for sure is that they refuse to disclose information on who they are. They’re hiding something to protect themselves so that they can steal money from people online.

Nearly every scam online operates the same way. Either they will not disclose information on who they are, or they use fake names and aliases. Let’s make this clear, at no time does this company divulge and information about who they are.

Transparency is everything online, and these people operate with no transparency whatsoever. Traders should be comfortable and trust the people they’re dealing with. That’s simply not the case here.

Is Crypto360Pro A Scam?

Yes, the results they use are completely fabricated. And they have no actual numbers to back any of them up. Bitcoin is volatile in nature, but it’s more real than this. These guys just throw numbers out and they say nothing about potential loss. Only that within 7 days you’ll receive an 800% ROI. They also claim to have been operating for over a year and a half, another lie that cannot be substantiated.

There are a ton of other phony claims with unregistered users and companies that are happing throughout the Crypto 360 Scam. Like many other fraudulent investments, they have a simple goal is to make as much money from new investors as possible. After that they run away with all the money they’ve made, and everyone is left broke.

There is also an affiliate program with the company. Another sign of a Ponzi scheme, no cryptocurrency company has a need for downlines if they plan on sticking around for any length of time. Basically, Crypto 360 Pro is an obvious scam if you know the signs to look out for and at no time should you ever send them any money at all.

Probably the biggest red flag is from reviews of people who have already worked with the company. They’re all bad, and speak of no contact, no payment and no real community at all. Only certain members get paid, the ones at the top who’ve been in since the beginning and are likely running the entire operation anyway.

It’s sad that companies like this still exist, but until authorities can figure out how to better regulate them – it’s going to be a problem people will have to face.

Crypto360Pro Conclusion

Crypto 360 Pro is a scam ICO that is ripping people off. You should never invest with them in any way or be affiliated with them. They are an illegal operation and a lot of traders will get taken advantage of. Some of the people who operate with the company may wind up getting in legal trouble as well.


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