CryptoAds by CFC is a brand-new platform that is used to advertise and has an ad-based marketplace. The entire system is built on the powerful blockchain technology. There is a WhitePaper report that is available on the company website, it contains all of the technical knowledge of the system and any ICO related details you may need before confidently investing into the company.

What Is CryptoAds?

The CryptoAds platform is an extremely powerful built on a decentralized platform and Ethereum blockchain. The CFC company has developed a powerful cloud-based engine that operates internally in the B2C sector. Now it is expanding, being used for growing the B2B market arena. The platform works as an extremely transparent and honest network providing the most secure solutions for major brands.

Others who will make use of platform are digital advertisers, marketers, and content publishers as well as everyday internet users. Anyone who take advantage of the opportunity to exchange cryptocurrency tokens without the need of a typical centralized exchange platform. The ad exchange known as the CryptoAds Marketplace will be able to give advertisers an opportunity to run a variety of various ad units. Also, there is an unlimited number of different ad traffic sources with Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies.

The best part of the platform is never having to worry about the proper execution of advertising. The CryptoAds model has already been implemented inside back when the profit-generating ideas are being implemented. The main goal is to take the platform to the mainstream, and grow it on a worldwide scale.

The industry of global advertising is a massive industry that spends about $270 Billion USD a year. And video ads are the most popular by far, the format gets about twice as much traffic and engagement as any other medium used for advertising. Overall traffic online is said to double over the course of the next five years and a lot of it is going to online video advertising.

About CryptoAds ICO

The Pre-SALE of the tokens starts in 30 days. To learn how you can get in on the ICO pre-sale, you can go the company website right now and register to get started. Advertisers should be the first ones to get in on the platform. And if you’re an ad specialist you’ll love the platform because it helps to protect you from fraud. Also, the high fees advertisers usually have to spend, goes completely out the window with the new platform CryptoAds. They cut out the middleman, making it a far more lucrative process than traditional advertising is.

  • Token Symbol: CRAD
  • Token Pre Sale Starts: May 15, 2018
  • Token Sale: June 16 2018
  • Token Price: Initial 1$ = 1 CRAD
  • Total Supply: 100 Million
  • Token Standard: ERC 20
  • Soft Cap: none

Who Is Behind CryptoAds?

There is a full team behind the platform, Igor Ryanbenkiy being one of the main investors of the company. Oleksii Vinogradov is the CEO and founder of the platform and has more than 25 years of experience in tech and business. He is the current president and owner of the IXC Softswitch company. He’s the leader of a team of some of the most experience specialists in the industry.

CrytoAds In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a new platform that is ideal for advertising and runs on blockchain technology, then CryptoAds is for you. It protects the advertisers from fraud and helps to produce more revenue since the middle man is effectively cut out. You can learn more at

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