High yield investment programs have become highly popular in the cryptocurrency industry. The rapid price movements of 1,300 or so different cryptos on the market today create an environment that can deliver fast profits, but it’s necessary to spend a significant amount of time observing and reacting to market changes in order to succeed.

High yield investment programs, or HYIPs, offer time-poor investors the opportunity to generate significant profits from the crypto market without expending a significant amount of effort, but come with their own risks- it can be difficult to determine which HYIPs are legitimate, and which are fraudulent.

One of the biggest risks of any crypto investment scheme is that it may collapse. In the case of HYIPs, this commonly occurs due to fraudulent HYIPs using new investor capital to pay out withdrawal requests from older investors, which is essentially the same in function as a Ponzi scheme.

When investing in HYIPs, it’s important to carefully weigh the risks and perform your due diligence. As a general rule with HYIPs, it’s best to get in early and get out fast. There are also a number of platforms that are similar to HYIPs, but instead of offering a guaranteed return on investment, offer a “guaranteed” method of trading cryptos and crypto trading advice.

In this article, we’ll take a look at CryptoAllDay, a new crypto-based HYIP/trading platform and find out what it offers to help you make an informed decision on whether it’s the right investment opportunity for you.

What Is CryptoAllDay?

CryptoAllDay is a relatively standard crypto HYIP that offers investors four different investment account types. There are a number of red flags on the CryptoAllDay site to consider that must be incorporated into any risk assessment, namely the fact that CryptoAllDay appears to be using a website template as evidenced in their account types page:

“…our Light account is ideal for you. This is because you will be able to activate your CompanyName account using the smallest amount of deposit possible 250 USD or 0.04BTC”

As the above quote demonstrates, it doesn’t appear that the creators of CryptoAllDay have even been bothered to correctly proof and update the template they are using for their website.

CryptoAllDay Investment Plans

CryptoAllDay offers four different investment plans. The first, a Light Trading Account, is limited by a minimum deposit of $250 USD, or 0.04 BTC, and delivers daily and weekly market reviews. CryptoAllDay states that new Light Trading Accounts receive a 20% welcome bonus, as well as an additional 10% redeposit bonus.

The CryptoAllDay Standard Trading Account has a minimum deposit of $500 USD or 0.07 BTC, and provides investors with a 30% welcome bonus and a 20% redeposit bonus. Standard Trading Account users are also provided with three trading tips daily, and live chat advice from professional market analysts.

The CryptoAllDay Premium Trading Account is limited by a $2,500 USD minimum investment, or a 0.36 BTC deposit, and like the Standard Trading Account provides the same features as well as two one-on-one financial trading training sessions with experts every month.

Lastly, the VIP Super Account has a minimum $5,000 USD, or 0.73 BTC investment, and a 100% welcome bonus. Further deposits benefit from a 50% redeposit bonus.

CryptoAllDay Conclusion

CryptoAllDay doesn’t really deliver a clear picture of what they are actually offering, and raise a number of concerns regarding the quality of their site. If you’re looking for a professional exchange on which to trade cryptocurrency, you’re probably better off going with a more legitimate platform such as GDAX.

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  1. I have no idea what it is all about, I have started at 8/12/2017 with 1000 Euro with David, he gave me so much information that my mind blow, profits were more than good by the end of the month, we have decided to make a withdrawal before I move forward with this ( due to your guys advice here ) i have never told him that this is the reason why I’m taking the money out. after 8 business days, which is too much if you ask me but still, the funds including profits land on my bank account. today I’m on a Gold package of 20 BTC, I have received a cold storage wallet and a Macbook pro as part of the promotion of this package, and I even took 4 BTC back to my cold storage, it is clear that someone here either lies, or either has interest were ever you trade guys I wish you all the best.

  2. Portfolio managers are doing excellent on my account.
    So far trading with them for 3 months and no problems whatsoever.

    Money transfers are quick and easy.
    Highly recommended!

  3. George
    Very new to this field.
    started with the financial adviser, build me a fantastic business plan.
    enjoying every minute of it
    withdrawal are very fast and simple
    Im highly recommending everyone to start and change the course of your life

  4. I’d like to share my experience with CryptoAllDay, at first I was a bit worried about investing money online, to be honest it was my first time, I’m coming from a small city in South Africa, I have never done anything like that before.
    So I started small with an investment of 500$ after talking with one of representative, he said I can start small and make a nice profit in a very short period of time, then I got a phone call from Michael, one of their financial advisers, he explained me all about the Bitcoin and Crypto currencies, gave me some knowledge and idea of what I’m doing.
    Michael said that I have 2 options, I can trade by myself and make money in the platform or I can get a fully managed account , I told him I prefer to start by myself, he gave me some advises and I ended up making 212.57$ profits on top of my investment after couple of days time.
    I asked him to withdraw my profits and he showed my how to do it.
    than I’ve decided I’m going to take it more serious and work with Michael on a managed account.
    I’ve invested 5000$ in order to be eligible for a managed account and so far we made more than 3k in a couple of weeks time, I took a thousand from my profits out and I keep working with Michael on a weekly basis, on a “Buy and Sell strategy” and make my BTC balance higher and higher.
    I hope the bitcoin will come up again so I can gain more on my BTC balance.

  5. I am working with Crypto All Day for the last 3 months, my account manager name is Brian Dell.
    So far, I am very pleased with the investment I made with 1 BTC on last August, since that time it’s keeps increasing on a weekly basis based on the trades that he does on my behalf on the platform.

    I highly recommend to trade on BTC on their platform, Brian is teaching me how to trade and making money with me at the same time. I sure hope that the BTC will cross the $20,000 soon, cant wait!!

  6. Hi All,

    i am a client of Thomas and i want everybody to know that this guy was changing my life for good.
    he was helping me to clear all of my debts and been showing me the bright side of life. which i haven’t seen before.

    shame on those who are trying to blackmail and to ruin the reputation.
    lucky all of us, i can see much more happy clients then unhappy clients.

  7. i am not usually writing in that kind of websites but after reading everything I decided to go for it once.
    i am 63 yo and considering myself as a businessman.

    during all of my life, my 1st rule is ‘never lose money’.
    all the deals i ever made, was successful (thank god). since real estate to stocks.

    i only started to lose when i got involved with online trading 3 years ago.
    I’ve lost in Binary options around £280K. I THINK IT WAS A SCAM.

    since then, i promised to myself to not get involved with that kind of markets.
    then, i met Michael, my financial advisor.
    Michael was changing my point of you in regard to the online industry and showed me the difference between working with scammers to working with a PROFESSIONAL!

    thank you Michael for helping me.
    thank for the amazing profits.

  8. Cryptoallday is definitely one of the best decisions I have made! I got into the world of cryptocurrencies by accident. I started with 1 Ether and in less than a month I have managed to get it up to 4 Ether even when the market was unstable. I worked with Chris Walker as an account manager and Michael Green as my financial adviser! The knowledge and the professional way they worked is incredible. The withdraw process is usually less than 24 hours till I receive my profits. Cryptoallday once again THANK YOU!!

  9. My name is Steve Loren from Australia, you can even check my FB account, I’ve been scammed before (TWICE!) and after doing home works and taking funds PLUS the profits back to my E-wallet I’m happy to say that I have very good service from Cryptoallday and David, my advisor, and I’m going to take a bigger step with him into this crazy but profitable market.

  10. i’ve joined this brand 6 weeks ago.
    immediately started to get phone calls from their financial advisor asking me to invest with them.
    my only will was to buy Bitcoins and other Cryptos at the fastest possible way.

    i’ve paid them an amount for buying 6.5 BTC when the rate was $6300.
    it took 24 hours that by the end of them i have got those Bitcoins to my Jaxx wallet.

    the guy who helped me (Thomas Freiman if i am not wrong) was kind, professional and helpful.

  11. i would like to THANK YOU guys for making me not sleeping at night, after 4 months working with David, can’t remember his last name, one of my friends that I told him to use CryptoAllDay services told me that maybe it is better than I will check this site and his comments, as I did, which you can imagine made me very concern….after talking to my broker, he said to me that it is all bullshit writing online, we will finish our 6 months plan over with a silver account, and he will prove me wrong…..well, i will be honest and say that I dident belived him. and I was having problems to sleep well at night – AFTER 6 MONTHS AND A FULL FINANCIAL PLAN FOR 6 MONTHS, NOT ONLY THAT I FREE MY ACCOUNT BACK TO MY SWED BANK IN SWEDEN – I HAVE MADE 72% PROFITS IN THIS 6 MONTHS AFTER TAKING ALL FEES AND COMMISSIONS !!!! I THANK YOU, DAVID FOR A GREAT PLAN !!!! AND INDEED AS YOU SAID, THERE IS NOTHING TO BE WORRIED ABOUT IT IS OTHER COMPANYS TRYING TO HARM THE NAME OF CRYPTO ALL DAY – WHICH PROVIDED ME GREAT PROFITS & SERVICE.

    Hákan Gustafsson


  13. Cant get any better then that – 2 weeks ago i buy 15 bitcoin at the deep ( 6750$ ) with michal and david, 3 days ago i sold my btc with profits and moved all the funds to my bank which arive today, investment + profits.
    at the next deep i will buy even more, so happy with this step. fastes profits i have made in my life, the only bad thing was that the guys working on my account david and michal really wated to go for a long term plan, which after i saw this site i was sceard to do so, now that i know FOR A FACT that everything is working and even for my faver……next plan will be a long term plan. i hope, there is 2 more sites i happy to work with at the moment alltogh the only platform giving me private seesions is cryptoallday

    thank you guys from Bahrain

  14. it is quite clear that you are trying to promote specific exchanges.
    from my personal experience, CryptoAllDay, it’s an amazing place to buy an sell BTC and the rest of the Alt’s

  15. Well so far I can’t get my money back
    The trader Andres although seemingly Nice ignored my requests that I didn’t want to proceed to trade and wanted to cancel account.
    He then invested without my permission
    I then told him I wanted to withdraw because unless I put in a lot more money I couldn’t get btc out! You need .5 of a btc to be allowed to withdraw to btc wallet! So I told him I wasn’t interested as only small trader.
    I went to withdraw and it’s said not enough funds!
    I tried small amounts and same thing happened.
    I wrote next day to Andres and said I want my money back ASAP or else I will be your worst nightmare! I was very angry!
    His response was he wouldn’t talk to someone who is threatening him!
    I’m sorry but they have played with me for months now! I don’t know if there’s any money really in my account I don’t know what they bought, it’s most peculiar system.
    I’m left assuming it’s a total scam and any good references above are also scams.

  16. i had the same.

    opposite than you, i have purchased 0.5 BTC.
    then, immediately got my BTC back.

    after getting my BTC i have also decided to start investing with them and so far having great results and easy withdrawals.

    Lisa, sometimes we are choosing to blame the other side without a real purpose.
    sometimes we are only demanding. not looking on ourselves and not asking what we could do the make it better.
    Lisa, my bottom line is, next time try to not only demand.
    in my case, i am the happiest client on planet earth


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