Despite the underperformance by cryptocurrency markets for the past months, it is undeniable that the boom of the past still attracts plenty of crypto enthusiasts looking to make a profit. Ultimately, this has called into action one of the oldest trading strategies that is arbitrage. By successfully monitoring difference crypto prices across exchanges it is apparent that the buy low, sell low notion could end up making a profit. Here’s one platform looking to cater for that interest among crypto traders.

What Is Cryptoarb?

Cryptoarb is a uniquely-based investment platform that will let cryptocurrency traders draw income from using arbitration. The platform’s arbitration methodology is founded from years of experience, and this coincides with the full spectrum of arbitrations available.

The Cryptoarb platform will only have the investor purchase the native coin, Cryptoarb token (CRAT) and use the provided arbitrage tools to sell it's at a profit. One will be able to invest in the CRAT token within Cryptoarb’s decentralized structure through the help of the user dashboard.

How The Arbitration Works

Cryptoarb seeks to go beyond the typical notion of profit maximization by introducing market analysis actions based on the LOOP and CIP calculation method. From this application, Cryptoarb creates an automated bot which introduces new trading elements that allow one to trade their cryptocurrencies and takes advantage of arbitrage opportunity that arises. The exchange BOT will be available to the platform’s public community, and the full automation design is intended to offer beginner crypto investors a suitable plan to help them start building on their cryptocurrency gains.

What Positive About Cryptoarb

  • Stable profits: The Cryptoarb bot software works to ensure that the arbitrage trading is sustainable to provide long-term benefits for the investors.
  • Transparency: Overall, the use of blockchain comes in handy to the investors since they can access all details of the Bot activity and their trading actions. Cryptoarb provides a summary of trade to indicate total profits generated
  • Withdrawals and deposits: Also, the blockchain technology forms a seamless platform that gives complete control over the time and withdraw or deposit action one can take.
  • Potential token value growth: Initially, the launch of Cryptoarb will see a limited supply amount of token to create a likely scarcity and build upon its market value to rise.

Is Cryptoarb legit?

At this point, there is little to judge since much of the Cryptoarb project is very much in its initial stages, and most features are still undeveloped. Ultimately, this means we would need to await its official launch to see whether it lives up to expectation.

Token And Its Economy

Token Pre-sale Date

  • Start- 1 September, 2018
  • End- 30 September, 2018

Token Information

  • Ticker- CRAT
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Accepts- ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC
  • Supply amount- 30,000,000 CRAT
  • Price- 1 CRAT= 0.0001 ETH

Distribution Plan

  • Token holders- 70%
  • Team- 10%
  • Partners- 10%
  • Bounty program- 5%
  • Project reserves- 5%

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