Cryptobit Ventures

There are many different ways to leverage the fast-moving nature of the cryptocurrency market. There are now thousands of different crypto tokens on the market today, a number that is rapidly increasing due to the popularity of tokenization and initial coin offerings.

In order to generate income from the blockchain, some market players choose to “mine” cryptocurrency tokens, generally focusing on high market cap cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or, more recently, Monero. Other investors choose to purchase high market cap cryptocurrencies and hold them for a long period of time, a practice that is referred to in the blockchain ecosystem as “HODLing”, or “holding on for dear life.

It’s also possible to generate a significant amount of income by investing in promising new cryptocurrencies in a similar manner to speculative stock market investment. As the cryptocurrency market moves extremely fast, however, the turnaround on cryptocurrency investments are typically much faster than those involved in the traditional stock market.

Initial coin offerings, which are similar in nature to traditional IPOs, have become the most popular short-term investment method in the cryptocurrency market recently. These crowd sales commonly involve a promising platform offering cryptocurrency tokens for sale at a low price, using the capital generated to fund the development of the prospective platform.

ICOs have been observed to offer extremely high return in a short amount of time, offering ROIs of 1,000%, 5,000%, and even 20,000%. Selecting the right initial coin offering to invest in, however, can be a difficult process. In order to profit from the initial coin offering ecosystem, it’s critical to keep a close eye on the development of the market.

A new cryptocurrency investment platform is aiming to help investors take the stress out of maintaining a complex investment portfolio by providing a simplified diversified investment opportunity. Cryptobit Ventures is a new investment program that offers a range of different investment solutions that offer a guaranteed return on investment over a set period.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Cryptobit Ventures platform and find out what it offers to help you determine if it’s the right investment opportunity for you.

What is Cryptobit Ventures?

Cryptobit Ventures is a UK-based investment firm that offers investors a range of different programs that can be used to generate a return on investment over a set period. The Cryptobit Ventures platform is relatively simple- using investor capital, Cryptobit Ventures invests in a range of different aggressive ventures, from initial coin offerings to cryptocurrency cloud mining.

Cryptobit Ventures Investment Plans

Cryptobit Ventures offers three different investment plans:

  • ICO Package 1: 3% daily return over 50 days
  • ICO Package 2: 5% daily return over 40 days
  • ICO Package 3: 15% weekly return for 150 days

The Cryptobit Ventures Verdict

The Cryptobit Ventures platform offers newer investors a simple way to invest in a range of different income streams at one time. If you’re seeking a balanced UK-based high yield investment program, Cryptobit Ventures is worth a close look.

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