Cryptobitup is a new cryptocurrency trading company that presents itself as the solution for people who want a professional service to invest in cryptocurrencies. Read the review.

What Is CryptoBitup?

This company was created to offer services in two main areas: cloud mining and active investments. The cloud mining platform mines Bitcoin and is highly profitable. The company has created its own rig and it currently selling mining contracts. You can rent equipment on the site and mine remotely.

The investment platform is also very simple to use. All that you have to do is use the system to buy and sell assets so you can profit from the volatility of the market.

Cryptobitup states that the company has the objective of providing you with everything that you need to become a great trader and to profit by doing that. Why should you choose it? The company states that it has better services than normal banks and that it is a global company with global access.

While Cryptobitup is based in London, United Kingdom, the company states that its reach is global and that you will be able to make business with whoever you want.

To participate, you just have to register on the site, open your account and make a deposit to get started.

CryptoBitup Investment Accounts Earn Crypto

There are four types of investment accounts that you can use on Cryptobitup. The Mini Account and the Standard Account. See how they compare:

  • Mini Account: $500-2,500 USD: leverage of up to 1:3, major pairs from 1.5 points, minimum spreads from 0.5 points, available on mobile, one-click trading and personal broker.
  • Standard Account: $2500-10,000 USD: leverage of up to 1:5, all the features from previous accounts, 24-7 support.
  • Premium Account: $50,000 USD: leverage of up to 1:10, all the features from previous accounts, return on commission for deposits and withdrawals, trading signals, trading tips, VIP signals.
  • VIP Account: $100,000 USD: leverage of up to 1:15, all the features from previous accounts, SMS and email notifications, online trading, free access to research and analytics, customizable platform.

CryptoBitup Mining Accounts

There are three types of mining accounts on Cryptobitup. They are:

  • Beginner: $350 USD: 1 TH/s. 2 years contract with no service fees and profit of 5-7% monthly.
  • Miner: $869 USD: 5 TH/s. 2 years contract with no service fees and profit of 10-15% monthly.
  • Professional: $2799 USD: 25 TH/s. 2 years contract with no service fees and profit of 20% monthly.

CryptoBitup Exchange Market Conclusion

Our impression is that this company tries to pass an idea of being a really professional company, but it lacks when it has to offer some services that are essential for a good exchange. In fact, by making decisions like not giving full support to some accounts and making “online trading” a feature that only VIPs can use, it really looks like the company is just using buzzwords.

This might mean that Cryptobit is a scam or at least not a very good company, so be wary of this company and think very well before you can decide whether to invest or not.

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  1. I like Cryptobitup. I have been trading here for 2 months and during this time I got up quite well. I earn enough to feel myself comfortable. There is a good trading terminal at the exchange. I like it because it is easy to use and it has no need to download a separate program. So in general the exchange is normal.

  2. It seems that Cryptobitup is a good place for additional earnings. In general, in my opinion, if you like crypto trading, then things will go well, but if you do not like it, then wherever you trade, it will still be all bad. I chose this exchange because there are small fees. In general, all exchanges are similar, there are some small differences, but everything is basically the same. On this exchange, I’m pleased with everything. Therefore, I see no reason to look for another place.


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