Is Binance Opening XVG/USDT Trading Pair?

If you are following the new cryptos in the market, there is a chance that you may have heard of Verge (XVG). This token has a focus on privacy, just like Monero, and it is becoming increasingly popular. A proof of that is that Binance has recently listed the XVG/USDT trading pair on its exchange.

Verge has gotten a popularity spike as Monero is facing problems because of the possibility of a hard fork that will divide the network in two if the token holders cannot agree on whether they should change an algorithm or not.

BREAKING NEWS!!! – CryptoBot just said Binance is testing XVG USD as we speak and it XVG is already up 5% from vergecurrency

Verge XVG Price Up 5% Today

As soon as the XVG/USDT trading pair started to be available on Binance the price of the cryptocurrency rose 5%. While this is not such a high number in the cryptocurrency market, when volatility is so common that it can end up being a major issue, this definitely shows that Verge can try to seize the chance to take Monero’s market share while the currency is facing problems.


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