Smart Contracts are gaining traction in their application, and there is no denying that different concepts are now making utilizing the technology. However, smart contracts are not the typical agreements, and there is plenty of technicalities that goes into learning or even writing smart contracts for transactions.

However, CryptoBrick plans on changing this notion by providing users with the option to design and deploy the digital agreements for their products or services. Through the cross-chain platform, CryptoBrick hopes to provide a well-defined and configurable structure.

What Cryptobrick Blockchain Smart Contracts Offers

CryptoBrick seeks to develop a potential solution that could allow everyday businesses to leverage the secure and decentralized smart contracts. Here's what the user stands to experience

  • Choose from a list of a curated and reliable portfolio of smart contracts
  • Capability to configure each smart contract in a clear and user-friendly manner
  • Accept payments in different cryptocurrency forms with each transaction working on its separate blockchain
  • Deployment of the contracts on the users desired blockchain.
  • Employment of oracles that are set to execute upon specific events
  • Custom fit the contracts and their behaviours by placing the apparent parameters to become available through the templates
  • Integration and monitoring of the deals on the user's application through the provided API and tools

Cryptobrick BRIK Token & ICO Details

Like other blockchain-based ventures, CryptoBrick anticipates on delivering their CryptoBrick tokens named BRIK. The BRIK token will facilitate transactions or payments for any of the platform's resources consumed by the users.

Each CryptoBrick service will use a certain number of the token to facilitate the operations. For each process there exist a stipulated number of BRIK tokens that are determined by the complexity or proportion of activity.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: BRIK
  • Token Sale Date: TBD
  • Token Price:  $0.05
  • Accepted Payment Method: Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Total Supply:  1.520.000.000,00
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Soft Cap: $3.5 million
  • Hard Cap: $25 million

Cryptobrick Conclusion

With smart contracts becoming a trend, there are plenty of firms looking to improvise the technology and CryptoBrick would seem like a great place to start. However, much of the venture's background remains anonymous and under-developed. Still, the need for smart contracts should not be in a rush, and the best advice is to focus on the interaction and potential applications of Elixir’s innovative solution.

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