What Is CryptoCarz?

CryptoCarz is a blockchain-based multiplayer virtual reality racing game. Peculiarly, the game allows the players to create and eventually drive their own cars on the provided racing tracks. The complementary garage is equipped with constantly updated mods and kits that enable players to generate unique acing car models. Furthermore, users will have access to limited-edition cars that can be stored as collectibles in the virtual garage.

Additionally, players can invite their colleagues to check out their car collection using the virtual showroom feature. Afterwards, the friends can participate in an array of different racing modes. Fundamentally, the CryptoCarz models are backed and related to leading digital currencies. This, however, is the only official information regarding the project that is currently available.

How CryptoCarz Blockchain Virtual Reality Sports Racing Game Works

CryptoCarz is a project that is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which facilitates the buying and selling of custom-made racing automobiles, which are stored in the user’s ETH digital wallet. In this regard, each particular model will have a limited number of racing cars, more of which will never be released. Also, each specific model will have a unique smart contract code which regulates it. Essentially, CryptoCarz models are stored in the form of an ERC721 complaint utility token with an intrinsic value.

To become eligible for a racing event, a player must either own or hire a car. The platform offers a wide variety of racing modes including leagues and tournaments, with the only prerequisite being the ownership (whether permanent or temporary) of a racing car. The game will be accessible from the project’s website.

CryptoCarz Roadmap

Firstly, CryptoCarz will embark on the development of a secure and scalable technical architecture that will the foundation for the integration of future modules. This involves the configuration of back-end infrastructure, creation of smart contracts, digital wallet integration, and interfacing with the Ethereum blockchain.

After the implantation of the initial phase, this project will focus on the finalization and launch of VR support. It is also at this stage that users will have the capability to customize the racing cars.

Finally, once the prototype is up and running, an aggressive marketing campaign will ensue.


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