Keeping updates on everything within the crypto world is a challenge in case you ask any crypto investors or trader. The ever-changing prices, ICOs, and projects are always presenting a downside in how we can ensure we are aware of all the changes.

Typically, most crypto enthusiasts take the task of visiting the many crypto websites to satisfy the need for information. However, some websites are taking advantage of using RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to consolidate all headlines and updates from different sites. Already multiple crypto news sites do utilize the technology to update any additional information regarding crypto headlines automatically. Today review is on one such news aggregator you can use to identify crypto headlines and read more.

What Is CrytpoCoin?

CryptoCoin is a handy cryptocurrency and blockchain news aggregator that provides for an online resource for information. The site combines several informational databases on cryptocurrencies and organizes them in a manner that will enable the users to search. Rather than having to look for a list, CryptoCoin works to shorten the time to get the new by allowing a search of the altcoins.

Formerly the CryptoCoin site as the idea of the popular news site DistroWatch. Also, they both provide news from different niches much of their PHP/SQL codes are similar. Additionally, the website arrangements borrow the same concept in use to provide news at DistroWatch. Convinced with the rise in fame of DistroWatch, the development team saw it best to create CryptoCoin as an alternative database for cryptocurrencies through a one-stop referencing point.

CryptoCoin Cryptocurrency Information Website Structure

  • Search Bar- The search bar features several search options with regards to the crypto-coin name, DuckDuckGo search engine and list of provided cryptocurrencies.
  • Latest Releases column- on the latest successful ICOs, you can check the most recent releases option.
  • News and updates- users get to filter their news or updates according to the crypto coin, month or year they so desire.
  • EBooks- if you feel you need educative written content you can get a free eBook.
  • Quick Facts column- to keep the site entertaining and educative, CrytpoCoin provides for a “Did you know?” column for facts on the crypto world.

Should You Use CryptoCoin?

While the news headlines option is much similar to most crypto news aggregators, the website still stands out due to the detailed structure. Additionally, there are unique options that seem to set CryptoCoin apart from its competitors. Some of these include

  • An FAQ option to answer any of your queries
  • Advertising for users with friendly rates
  • Learn more about the latest crypto words through the terminology option
  • Contribute by submitting crypto coin that is missing from the site
  • A list of the most popular crypto coin pages with their hits per day (HPD) details

CryptoCoin Conclusion

Information overload in the cryptocurrency world is often prevalent. But with CryptoCoin you can follow your interest in a more usable and straightforward online site you can enjoy. For any interested in cryptocurrency regardless of the information required, they can rely on CryptoCoin to help them track the number of factors regarding their crypto coin. The information is readily available in the sub-sites for everyone to access. In conclusion, CryptoCoin can keep you in the loop regardless of your currency by providing one of the most convenient new site developments.

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