Keeping up to date on the latest movements of the ever-shifting cryptocurrency market can be a time consuming task. There are now hundreds of different valuable cryptos, so keeping up with their latest price shifts and the contributing factors involves a significant amount of focus.

The crypto market can be extremely volatile, and is heavily influenced by the crypto news cycle. News stories on legislative changes to the ways in which cryptos are regulated can cause sharp and sudden drops in value. Hype around a specific crypto, such as the latest buzz surrounding Bitcoin, can result in rapid increases in value.

One of the most difficult elements of predicting crypto price movements and building a winning crypto investment strategy is inferring predictions based on how news will affect crypto prices. Many traders spend a large amount of their time switching between charts and news, attempting to correlate a wide range of disparate information.

A new website, however, makes keeping up to date on the latest crypto news and how it affects crypto prices incredibly easy. Crypto Control offers traders a simplified, easy-to-understand interface that connects news stories directly to crypto prices.

What Is Crypto Control?

Crypto Control, which offers users both a web interface and a dedicated smartphone app, is a crypto trend tracking website that provides users with the ability to view a stream of articles on any specific cryptocurrency, as well as a chart of recent price movements.

Using Crypto Control is extremely simple. Users are presented with a comprehensive list of digital currencies, which can be selected to view a scrollable list of recent articles sorted by date. A price chart in the upper right corner allows users to link articles to shifts in price.

Clicking any article preview provided by Crypto Control then loads the article in another window in the bottom left pane, with a link to the source website. The platform also offers a convenient price movement summary next to each crypto link. News can also be restricted to an hourly, daily, or weekly time frame.

Crypto Control Verdict

The Crypto Control platform is an extremely elegant solution to the issue presented by the highly volatile crypto market and its close links to the crypto news cycle. If you’re looking for the best place to access a helicopter view of the crypto news cycle, Crypto Control is a great place to start.

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