CryptoCountries is designed as a game where you conquer the world. This game runs on the Ethereum blockchain, and you get to earn ether as you conquer the world. Each country in the game is represented as a smart contract. However, there is only one smart contract per country. In the game, there is an interactive world map colored after the last six characters of each player’s wallet for a particular country. If someone buys a country, you own, you will lose ownership but might get back up to double in ROI in your wallet. Thus, this game lets you earn more ether the more you play.

How To Get Started With CryptoCountries

To play this game, you will only need a computer that has Firefox or Chrome, a Mist or MetaMask Wallet, and some ether in the wallet for you to begin purchasing your empire. If you want to add ether to the wallet, there are two ways to do it. For one, you can purchase the ether at exchanges such as Bitstamp, Coinbase, or other exchanges.

As soon as you make the purchase, transfer the funds to your wallet. If you are a US citizen, you can purchase ether directly in the MetaMask wallet. If you already have some ether, you can transfer the funds to your MetaMask wallet by copying the wallet’s address. You then simply paste the wallet address and transfer your funds.

CryptoCountries Real Estate Crypto Is Player Friendly

This game is quite player friendly in terms of its value increase model. It gets even better when coupled with extremely low commissions. When compared to other collectible games, this game is awesome since it takes only a tiny portion of commissions for every purchase. For those who doubt this, they only need to read the Smart Contract and compare it with charges on other similar smart contracts. They will find that the terms are much better in this game.

In the CryptoCountries game, you are able to conquer any country displayed on the map. All that matters in this game is how much you are willing to spend. Besides that, other players can do the same to you. As long as they are willing to pay up to double the price you bought the country, it is theirs. This new amount, including the profits, is then sent to you immediately. As the game gets more popular, there will only be more purchases. This potentially means that it is an exponentially profitable game where you get to double your winnings each time.

Can You Refuse To Sell In CryptoCountries?

In this game, as it is in the real world, the money does the talking. Thus, you will never really be able to hold on to your country. If someone wants it and he or she is willing to spend the money, it is his or hers. However, your consolation will be that you will have earned up to double the amount for which you bought your country. Please note that all purchase can only be made in ether.


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