Cryptocurrency Coin Picks

What Is Cryptocurrency Coin Picks?

Crypto Coin Currency Picks is new program that sends advice for people who are interested in receiving signals to buy or sell cryptocurrencies via text messages or emails. Basically, this is a service that you can pay to receive information about whether you should be investing in some currency of the crypto market or not.

How Crypto Coin Picks Buy & Sell Signals Via Text/Email Works

According to the Crypto Coin Currency Picks’ site, after you hire the service, you will receive the messages from the company via text messages or email (you can choose). These messages will explain to you how to invest to obtain profit, but you will have to invest for yourself.

It is important to note that this company only provides the signals and the devices, not the automation of the trading process, so you will have to do all this by yourself on some cryptocurrency exchange like Binance, for instance.

How To Use Cryptocurrency Coin Picks?

It is very simple to use this program. You have to create your account (not much information is required) and then pay for the service. The Crypto Coin Currency Picks charges $49.95 USD monthly for the service that it provides for its customers. The company states that it will send three different types of signals. You have to use this signals to decide how to buy cryptos for your portfolio.

There are generally two types of orders for three different signals, you can either buy or sell a certain token. The signals are generally “long term positions”, “day and swing trades” or “wild card trades”.

Long term positions are for tokens that seem to be really stable and that you should buy and hold if you are interested in getting profit. Day and swing trades are for more active traders and can get you a great profit for selling tokens when they are expensive while buying the cheap ones.

Finally, the wild card trades option will be for really cheap coins that have some potential for huge rewards but that can be considerably more risky because they simply might lose a lot of their value and are not as stable as the first option.

Is Cryptocurrency Coin Picks A Scam?

No, we cannot confirm that the Crypto Coin Currency Picks is a scam. This does not mean that this program is any good, though, so bear with us for a moment.

The main problem here is that while we do not know for sure that this company is a scam, we also do not know if their hints and signals are any good. Since the company is not very open about who are its members it is really hard to tell more about this topic, so you should not believe that you will be receiving quality signals.

However, the site of the company, its layout and the information there seem to indicate that this is not a company that you should trust too much.

Cryptocurrency Coin Picks Conclusion

All the indications that we have so far about the Crypto Coin Currency Picks are not necessarily very positive. We have many reasons to believe that this company might fail to be a good investment for you, so you should really think well before you can really decide.

Our advice would be for you not to use the company, as trading signals are often unreliable and the service that this company provides seems to be even more unreliable than it would normally be in a case like this.

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