Cryptocurrency Community Database (CCD)

One of the biggest problem in the cryptoverse is that there are a lot of resources for finding important information, but not enough that encourage user interaction and input.

Cryptocurrency Community Database a place where the cryptocurrency world can join with one another to record and collect information for use by any other member of the community. It is an aid to all, from beginners in the cryptocurrency space that have the beginner’s guide to experienced business owners that can really benefit from a free job posting to their target employee base and investor and accelerator contact information.

What Is Cryptocurrency Community Database?

Cryptocurrency Community Database is created by for the benefit of the Crypto world. The database is free and accessible for everyone who wishes to use the product and users can contribute freely to the project too.

If a user wants to utilize the full benefits of the document, it is recommended that the user begins by skimming the guidelines to start off. It’s a Google Sheets spreadsheet, published to the web, viewable by anyone. From this spreadsheet, simply click on a page’s edit link to begin adding information. After you edit, your information will be updated to all users within the next 5 minutes.

In order to maintain some control over the spreadsheet while making it editable by the community, that has created a rudimentary content management system(CMS). It was achieved by using a series of google sheets as input forms from which information is imported to the main document using important functions.

The CCD aims to change that by creating a “public place to store information”, somewhere that “the cryptocurrency world can join with one another to record and collect information for use by any other member of the community.”

Why Google Sheet?

Google Sheet has been used for two different reasons:

Ease of use: A spreadsheet is approachable for the entire globe and almost anyone can start editing and contributing to the project.

Simple Setup: A spreadsheet is much easier to set-up than a traditional website. Even adaptability increases drastically, lowering the threshold of entry.

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Cryptocurrency Community Database (CCD) Conclusion

The future of the document has so much potential which is a function of the contribution made by its users. It was built for the user and it will adapt and change as per mutually decided trajectory.

You can view or contribute to the project here.

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