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Singapore's First Crypto Court Case Sees B2C2 Sue Quoine Crypto Exchange For $13.7 Million

In the first case of this kind in Singapore, the crypto exchange Quoine is being sued by the major liquidity provider B2C2. The court case began today, November 21, and it was reported by The Straits Times, a Singapore-based English-language daily newspaper.

The legal battle began because of an alleged reversal of crypto transactions back in 2017. B2C3 affirms that Quoine has reversed seven Bitcoin (BTC) to Ethereum (ETH) trades that were made in April 2017. Quoine affirms that the reversal was a technical glitch and it and the liquidity provider that the “decision” was taken without its consent. The trades involved 3,085 BTC (around $13.7 million USD even in the bear market now).

B2C2 seems to be angry because the company might lose a lot of money because of these traders and the company is not eager to bear the financial loss alone. They accused Quoine of choosing the most advantageous way for them to mitigate their own risks, they reversed “irreversible” trades and deducted the proceeds from the account, but this made B2C2 lose money.

Quoine states that as a result of liquidity problems, B2C2 was able to set up trades of 10 BTC for 1 ETH and that the exchange would have been a loss if B2C2 had its own way. Therefore, the company is complaining that these orders were abnormal and unfair because the price was absurd by market standards and the prices were 250 higher than usual. This made the company, to defends its own assets and clients, halt the sales and B2C2 is unhappy about it.

The trial is supposed to end in about a week, according to The Straits Times. While such a battle is unseen in the country, some small court battles involving cryptos were made, but none of them as big as this one, so it will be very relevant for the market.

Other courts of the world are starting to address blockchain and crypto issues, too. In September, China determined that blockchain-based evidence was suitable for legal proceedings while also September, a New York federal judge ruled that U. S. securities laws were applicable in crypto cases.

New Liquid Infinity by Quoine Gives Users 100x Leverage to Trade Bitcoin

A major crypto exchange known as Quoine has officially kicked off a new trading feature on their Liquid platform called the Liquid Infinity. Quoine, which has its headquarters in Japan and with other offices in Singapore and also Vietnam, now lets users trade with 100x leverage on its new Liquid Infinity.

Currently, trading pairs such as BTC/USD and BTC/JPY are featured. However, users may also decide to make their collateral either fiat or crypto. The accepted currencies supported here include BTC, ETH, USD, JPY, XRP, SGD, EUR, QASH, GUSD, AUD, and USDC.


Fees and Other Information

Liquid Infinity supports the native QASH/LQC and encourages users with a small 0.05% fee when positions are either opened or closed with the tokens. The platform also allows for cross-margin which allows a user’s margin to be supported by their wallet balance and shared between positions taking. This greatly reduces the danger of liquidation.

According to the official Liquid blog, Quoine hopes to

“give cryptocurrency traders the best possible tools to dominate the markets.”

On Trading

The blog has it that:

“Unlike margin trading, Liquid Infinity is contract-for-difference (CFD) trading, which is based on the price change of an asset, without you ever needing to actually own the underlying asset.

With full flexibility and 100x leverage, we are confident that Liquid Infinity will be a welcome addition to any pro trader’s arsenal.

The maximum leverage you can select depends on your position size.”

Leverage OptionTrade Position (BTC)
100x0 – 50
50x> 50 – 100
25x> 100 – 150
10x> 150 - 200
5x> 200 – 250
4x> 250 - 300
2x> 350 – 400


Liquid Infinity will also let users withdraw money with ease, directly to their preferred bank accounts, whenever the user does decide to withdraw.

Xaya Decentralized Blockchain Gaming Platform Picks Liquid Exchange To Host ICO Token Sale

Technology is fast changing the way people view games today. There have been rapid improvements in the area of hardware, coding languages designed to suit high end graphics, development of various gaming engines, faster connectivity, cheaper devices and consistent increase in interest from existing and new players around the world. All this is constantly pushing this industry forward.

The gaming industry is expected to grow to a massive $180 billion USD by the year 2021. This growth makes it among the fastest growing technology industries. This sectors growth is highly dependent on the developer’s efforts to keep the interests and satisfy the needs of gaming enthusiasts around the world. The gaming industry, in order to deliver the next generation gaming experience has gone ahead to adopt the blockchain technology. This technology brings about efficiency, speed and reduces the costs of operations.

XAYA, The Leader

XAYA comes from the same developers that designed Huntercoin, dubbed as the first true blockchain game. Huntercoin, created in 2013 was a successful gaming experiment. It enabled players to compete for scarce resources by engaging in one-on-one battles. The coins won and collected in these battles were actual tokens. This game was so successful that it remains active four years after it was released in February 2014.

The team that is working on XAYA want something more than just one game. They have envisioned to leverage the power of the blockchain in gaming to design an even better product. XAYA becomes the latest product that will give both players and game developers a custom blockchain. it comes with some special features that will allow it to cater to particular gaming environment:

Gaming Channels:

This is a modified version of the existing payment technologies for gaming. The channels enable multiple game moves per second thus able to support various players simultaneously online.

Ephemeral Timestamps:

Proper timestamping of various players’ moves makes cheating within the platform very difficult if at all possible.

Atomic Trading:

This feature works the same way as Atomic Swaps. It allows users within the platform to trade and exchange different virtual assets in the game’s ecosystem.

Language Independent:

Developers are free to use a language of their choice to develop their games and simply publish them on the network.

Exclusively on liquid

XAYA plans to hold its token generation event (TGE) via Liquid platform. Liquid comprises of Qryptos and Quoinex exchanges. It offers one of the best exchange rates and has high liquidity level thanks to its access to 17 major digital currencies exchanges globally. The platform supports other developers to launch their TGE with XAYA being the first.

Liquid has already established it self as a market leader considering its combined trade of more than $200 million USD daily from all of its parent exchanges. XAYA positions itself on a very lucrative platform as it will get exposure to thousand of potential investors on Liquid.

XAYA Tokenomics

XAYA token generation event of its native token CHI will be live on the liquid platform allowing potential investors to get it for 0.00002 BTC. Participants will go through a mandatory KYC to join the event. The first four million of the 115 million CHI available in this event will have a 15% bonus. All tokens not distributed by the time the event is ending will be destroyed to prevent unwanted changes in value.

QUOINE ICO Mission Control Launches For Initial Coin Offering Tokens

QUOINE Launches ICO Mission Control Platform

QUOINE aims to revolutionize the crowdsale market through its new service, known as the ICO Mission Control. Essentially, the ICO Mission Control service is an end-to-end designed to assist blockchain-driven projects to organize crowdsales in a secure and transparent environment. Moreover this service will ensure that the ICOs implement both KYC and AML.

Current Situation in the ICO Market

In recent times, ICOs have lost colossal amounts of money to hackers, who often breach the systems an implant fake deposit addresses. Also, regulatory bodies have implanted tough rules to govern crowdsale, making it hard to organize such events. Lastly, a majority of tokens lose liquidity once the ICO event is over.

Last year, QUOINE held its ICO, and got a chance to experience this challenges first-hand. As a result, the team decided to create lasting solution, the ICO Mission Control.

What is ICO Mission Control?

ICO Mission Control is platform on which other ICOs will be launched. The deployment of ICOs on this platform will be instantaneous. As of now, the ICO Mission Control leverages the QRYPTOS digital exchange for both trading and issuance of utility tokens. Later on, the LIQUID platform will replace QRYPTOS.


Advantages of the ICO Mission Control Service

For ICO organizers:

Integrated Client Base

The affiliation between the Mission Control and the QRYPTOS exchange is beneficial to the former, in that it receives a potential customer base of over 500,000 investors. Furthermore, new clients get a free landing page as reward upon registration. QRYPTOS hosts the free landing page on its website.

Improved Security

As mentioned earlier, ICOs are vulnerable to attacks by cybercriminals. Since the Mission Control runs on the QRYPTOS exchange infrastructure, users are assured an impenetrable security layer. Therefore, instead of exposing themselves, ICOs should launch using the Mission Control platform.

Regulation Compliance

Nowadays, governments have imposed unfavorable regulations against crypto-related business. However, QUIONE strives to comply with all the regulations, a culture that boosts its longevity in operation.

Real-time Data Analytics

The ICO Mission Control dashboard has an inbuilt analytics mechanism that assesses the performance of ongoing ICOs. Using this data, token issuers can develop marketing strategies.

For token buyers:

Complete KYC requirements

Under the current system, investors have to fill in KYC requirements for every different ICO they participate in. ICO Mission Control will need an investor his info only once. Hence, it saves time and lowers the barriers to crowdsale participation.

Buy Tokens

This platform will feature a simplistic user interface to facilitate the swift and secure acquisition of utility tokens. Moreover, investors will receive the tokens immediately after confirming their purchase.

Access Secondary Markets

Once a token is inaugurated using the ICO Mission Control platform, it will be listed on the QRYPTOS or LIQUID exchanges immediately. This provides an alternative marketplace where investors can buy or sell the tokens.

VUULR – the first crowdsale on ICO Mission Control platform

Last week, VUULR became the pioneering ICO to launch on the Mission Control platform. VUULR is a blockchain project that deals with online distribution of movies and TV shows.

LIQUID - QUOINE's QASH ICO Crypto Liquidity Trading Platform?

LIQUID aims to provide liquidity to the non-liquid crypto-economy. Find out how the platform plans to do that today in our review.

What is LIQUID?

LIQUID is a global liquidity platform created by the team at Quoine. Quoine is best known for launching Quoinex and Qryptos, both of which are cryptocurrency exchanges. Quione is a registered and regulated financial services authority in Japan, one of the first exchanges to do so under Japan’s new cryptocurrency regulations (technically, they were the second company to do so).

With Liquid.plus, the company is building “a global liquidity platform for all crypto investors, token issuers and a new generation of financial services customers.”

The platform revolves around the use of QASH tokens.

What Problems Does Liquid.plus Seek to Solve?

The Liquid.plus website claims that liquidity is “the lifeblood of every industry”, yet it’s also “the single most important element lacking in the crypto economy today.”

The only available sources of liquidity are siloed across developed markets (where standalone exchanges operate in closed pools of liquidity only available to residents) and emerging markets (which are underserved with illiquid local currencies forced to interact with larger liquidity pools).

With that in mind, Liquid.plus plans to launch a platform that brings together multiple cryptocurrency exchanges to create a pool of liquidity.

How Does Liquid.plus Work?

Basically, the industry has a problem: there are lots of cryptocurrency exchanges, including cryptocurrency exchanges for each country. However, these exchanges are siloed, and their sources of liquidity are kept separate from one another.

Liquid.plus aims to solve that problem by launching a single globally-sourced trading platform (called “World Book”) along with an associated suite of services (Prime Brokerage) bringing together the entire global network of cryptocurrency exchanges to enable the highest level of liquidity to all markets.

Liquid Features

Liquid.plus plans to emphasize all of the following features:

Matching Engine:

The World Book’s Matching Engine, or ME, is built from scratch. The engine can process several million transactions per second, “making it one of the most advanced matching engines in the industry, architected to be hyper-scalable”, according to the official website.

Fiat Management:

Quoine has built a network of relationships with banks over the past three years across the United States, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, and more.

Smart Order Routing:

Liquid.plus has a smart order routing (SOR) system that provides low latency, real-time feeds for major exchanges worldwide, and automatic order routing to check for matches across these exchanges.

Credit Facilities:

Liquid Platform’s Prime Brokerage will extend crypto/fiat credit facilities to customers, allowing them to leverage their existing balances for enhanced trading opportunities. Credit facilities also allow users to borrow using either fiat or crypto as collateral.

How Do QASH Tokens Work?

QASH envisions itself as “the next bitcoin or Ethereum for financial services.” The company wants to make QASH the preferred payment token for financial services.

The QASH ICO is taking place on Qryptos. You can only participate in the ICO using a secure Qryptos account.

The token sale begins on November 6, 2017. It will continue for a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 1 month. A total of 500 million QASH tokens will be available at a rate of 1 QASH = 0.001 ETH, with a minimum purchase of 0.5 ETH (500 QASH).

50% of the total supply of QASH tokens will be available through the ICO. The remaining supply goes to the community/ecosystem (30%) and management/Quoine shareholders (20%).

Who’s Behind Liquid.plus?

Overall, Liquid.plus describes itself as “a successful, global fintech firm with an impeccable reputation and strong financial industry pedigree.”

The Liquid.plus project is being developed by Quoine, which was incorporated in Q1 2014. The company launched Quoinex in Q2 2014 and quickly expanded operations over the coming years. they launched the Quoinex mobile app in Q2 2015, for example, and moved their headquarters to Japan in Q1 2016.

Key members of the Quione team include Mike Kayamori (Co-Founder and CEO), Mario Gomez Lozada (Co-Founder, President, and CTO), Katsuya Konno (CFO), and Ray Hennessey (Chief Strategy Officer).

In Q3 2017, Quionex Japan received a Japan FSA license, allowing itself to be officially registered in Japan as a financial services authority. Quoine Corp became one of the first fully compliant and licensed cryptocurrency exchanges in the world (their license number is “00002”).

By Q3 2019, the company aims to have a full banking license.


Cryptocurrency exchanges around the world suffer from a similar problem: lack of liquidity. These exchanges all offer similar services and trading, but their sources of liquidity exist in siloed environments. That’s where Quione sees an opportunity with Liquid.plus. The company envisions a global pool of liquidity that works with multiple exchanges.

To learn more about Liquid.plus and how it works, visit the platform online today at Liquid.plus.


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