Top Businessmen And A-List Celebrities Who Invested In Bitcoins And Other Cryptocurrencies

There are many advocates of cryptocurrency, either as the future of money or as an investment vehicle capable of yielding multiple returns on investment. Many of these advocates have been prominent individuals and personalities who liked the idea of cryptos and bitcoin and had great faith in their potential.

In fact, some of them saw the technology’s potential long before it became public knowledge. People like Mike Tyson, the world’s former heavyweight boxing champion, and Snoop Dogg caught on to the idea a long time before cryptos became a public idea and bitcoin was being shilled by everyone.

The good news is that many of these entities still believe in the viability of these blockchain projects. As a result, they have gone on to invest in and buy up many of these tokens, with some rumored to have crypto portfolios valued in millions of dollars. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular bitcoin and crypto investors, shall we.

There are several figures and celebrities that have backed Bitcoin (BTC) and could have invested in the most popular digital asset in the market. After the crypto ‘bubble’ in 2017 when the price of the Bitcoin reached $20,000, the number of investors grew almost exponentially.

In a recent article, Business Insider makes a brief summary of the most important celebrities that invested in the crypto market. These are just examples of important people that are involved in the space, but there are many others around the world that are also actively participating in the market.

As the most discussed currency of the 21st century so far, its garnered support, innovation, and owners all over. From eccentric, genius billionaires to pageant princesses, find out if your favorite celebrity made the list. It’s not just actors and artists anymore!

Celebrities, Musicians, Movie Stars And Entertainers Involved With Cryptocurrency

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is a strong advocate of Bitcoin. This famous American actor founded A-Grade Investments Company in 2010 and has invested in UnikoinGold and in other companies such as Uber, Airbnb, and BitPay, among others. Unikrn has been marketing the UnikoinGold currency as a digital asset to be used for betting.


While he hasn’t said anything about his investments in bitcoin, it’s possible that if he’s willing to invest in his own cryptocurrency, along with Mark Cuban, it is very possible that would have a stash of bitcoin or other highly valuable cryptocurrencies.

Snoop Dogg

Although it is unknown how many he ultimately sold, Snoop Dogg was selling albums at 0.3 BTC per back in 2013. Based on today’s bitcoin value, he may have earned over 1k per album. But if he sold at the height of Bitcoin’s value, there’s no telling how much the rap star may have raked in. Of course, there’s no public knowledge of how many albums people bought with bitcoin.

However, it was enough to get him to become an ardent advocate of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In fact, he was also an attendee at Ripple (XRP) Community Night Party in Mary of 2018.


Curtis Jackson III Aka 50 Cent

According to a report by TMZ, 50 Cent had reportedly amassed about 700 bitcoins after accepting to allow buyers purchase his 2014 album, Animal Ambition, with bitcoins.This cache is now valued at over $2.4 million. At the height of bitcoin’s value in January 2018, the 700 bitcoins was valued at $12.6 million. Interestingly, he even completely forgot that he had that much stashed away until after his bankruptcy proceedings.

Hugh Laurie

If you’ve ever seen the TV series House, then you know the annoying but often right character in the person of Dr. Gregory House, played by Hugh Laurie.

While he still primarily earns his income as an actor, he entered the market four years ago after the suggestion that he received from a friend. Laurie invested in BTC at the value of $5,000.

Of course, he may have bought more while the token was on the rise, but there’s not much known about those. During its collapse in 2018, he jokingly had this to say:


Kim Kardashian

Founder of Bloq, Matthew Roszak shared this to his subscribers on Twitter after gifting a bitcoin to the experienced Kardashian millionaire:

She publicly accepted the gesture, saying “We’ve moved on to Bitcoin!”

Mike Tyson

Former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson, caught on to the tech early, partnering with Bitcoin Direct, a Bitcoin Wallet and ATM manufacturing company. The actor and former fighter launched a Bitcoin ATM System in 2015 and 6 months later, his team announced a 2nd project release- phone apps designed for trading. His Bitcoin wallet shared the same branding as a Bitcoin ATM.

While Tyson isn’t public about his holdings, the truth is he’s a brand ambassador, as well as popular bitcoin advocate and investor.

Donald Glover

“I know a lot of people are skeptical, but I feel like if everything’s going to live online, why not bitcoins? Being backed by gold seems very old and nostalgic to me. Being backed to a bitcoin, which takes time to actually make and there’s this equation that has to be done, that feels more real to me and makes more sense.”

So said the internationally successful rapper, actor, producer, and comedian in an interview with Time Magazine in December of 2013.

Bill Gates

One of the individuals that showed interest in virtual currencies is Microsoft Founder, Bill Gates. Although he had some negative comments about it, he mentioned during an interview with Bloomberg that it can be a better currency that it is not necessary to be held physically by users.

Founder of Microsoft and one of the world’s wealthiest men, Bill Gates also has a knack for identifying emerging technologies with huge potential. The Microsoft co-founder has never been shy about his interest in Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets, their potential, and the possible applications of blockchain. That’s why he started investing in bitcoin, because he felt that bitcoin’s technology is likely to be the future of money.

He particularly likes bitcoin because of the low fees, transaction speed, and borderless features.

A Bloomberg interview in 2014, Gates stated the appeal of Bitcoin as a low-cost alternative that could make international monetary exchanges much simpler but more recent interviews show his opinions may not be as die-hard as was once thought.

Microsoft is also investing in different platforms that are working with virtual currencies, including Bakkt, which is going to be launched to the market in the near future.

While nothing is known of his stake in the token chances are that they might be pretty sizable.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Another celebrity that is involved in the crypto market is Gwyneth Paltrow. Back in 2017, she accepted to be part of the Bitcoin wallet called Abra. She’s the face of the brand and also acts in an advisory role. As a crypto investing enthusiast, and possible holder of a chunk of cryptos, she also educates her followers on the merits of the tech as well as how they can take advantage of it.

At the same time, she shared an article in November related to how to invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. This was the first article on the site she runs that is known as Goop.

Elon Musk

Love him or hate him, former CEO of Tesla and chief engineer of SpaceX knows how to make headlines with his sometimes eccentric doings and sayings. He has never purchased BTC but was gifted 0.25 from a friend. He was quoted on Twitter saying he didn’t even know where his piece of bitcoin was after a theory rose about him being Satoshi Nakamoto (creator of bitcoin):



Hip-hop artist Pitbull is currently involved in the cryptocurrency movement and looks poised to benefit from its growth. In fact, he had been investing in bitcoin since 2012. He brought it up while in an interview with CNBC in 2017 at the eMerge Americas Conference. He announced in April 2018 that he would be launching a cryptocurrency to revolutionize payments in the music industry. A new cryptocurrency, backed by technology that makes payments easier in the music sector.

Jamie Foxx

Actor and member of Stand-Up Comedy, Jamie Foxx started promoting Cobinhood back in 2017 via his Twitter account.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. And DJ Khaled

As a retired and undefeated boxer, Mayweather does a significant amount of advertising for ICOs. He is currently the ambassador of Stox cryptocurrency (and has been since 2017) and also makes appearances for Hubii Network marketplace.

DJ Khalid joined him in late 2017 but came under fire when an Instagram photo he didn’t mark as a paid advertisement for Centra card. Both Khaled and Mayweather turned out to be supporting a scam project anyways, allegedly unbeknownst to either at the time. They were fined and may soon face further legal action on the matter.


Jessica VerSteeg And The Game

Miss Iowa 2014 surprised everyone by piggybacking off her modeling career to launch a marijuana specific cryptocurrency. The cannabis industry within the United States is still federally liable even though it is legal in some states so banks do not handle money transactions and as a result, retailers are forced to deal in cash. This makes for extremely high risk business. She wanted to capitalize not only on her belief in cryptocurrencies as the future, but in the furthering legality of cannabis.

Hip artist Jayceon “The Game” Taylor, later made a video promoting VerSteeg’s Bitcoin-platform venture, ParagonCoin.

Mel B

Former Spice Girls member and current solo artist, became the first performer in history to accept BTC as payment when she released her 2014 Christmas album through a partnership with CloudHashing. Beating Snoop Dog to the punch by just a few short months.

She commented on the matter:

“I love how new technology makes our lives easier, and to me that’s exciting. Bitcoin unites my fans around the world using one single currency.”

Madonna, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Joce

Leading diva began supporting Ripple’s social action in 2018 as they raised funds for orphans of the African Republic of Malawi.

Her along with the other 3 pop divas, were among some of the first to accept BTC as payments. Adding to the benefits is a lack of taxes on cryptocurrency transactions and income in the United States.

Madonna worked with Facebook and Ripple in order to promote an online fundraiser and benefit the Raising Malawi foundation. Ripple promoted the event by matching each dollar donated to the campaign. So, while she may not be a direct investor, she’s most likely, a recipient of any crypto windfall and an ardent enthusiast.

Ghostface Killah

Hip-hop band member of Wu-Tang Clan, “Ghostface Killah” founded Cream Capital in October of 2017. This company specializes in cryptocurrency start up investments and PR with an ICO reigning in $30 million, so named for the Wu-Tang Clan hit song C.R.E.A.M. – Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

Richard Sherman

“Seattle Seahawks” player and social justice advocate, Richard Sherman, has invested in and accepted payments of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum- making a reported $20,000 from it in just 2017.

Unfortunately, he cashed out the bulk of BTC too soon and missed out on making a significant amount of money during the bubble.

Johnny Depp

He’s known as Captain Jack in the Pirates of the Caribbean. While that series and few other movies have made him rich, his incredibly ostentatious lifestyle, and his divorce, made him bankrupt. So, while he’s not really a role model when it comes to lifestyle choices, he’s at least invested in cryptos.

TaTaTu blockchain start-up partnered with Jonny Depp in late 2018, brokering a deal on documentaries and digital content with his company, Infinitum Nihil Film, and several other film stars.

Found of TaTaTu, Andrea Lervolino, had this to say of it:

“Johnny has the ability to conceptualize material in a way that few can, and is unburdened of conventional industry formulas that dictate the projects that get made, traditionally, as we make strides to embrace disruptiveness, Johnny will be a key collaborator with us and we are tremendously excited to back his visions and instincts on stories to bring to life.”


This platform rewards users each time they interact with content such as films or games.

Mark Cuban

The American billionaire and tv famous entrepreneur has much to say about the changing markets of cryptocurrency. Although he cautions investors, with specific advice to millennials, he supports its viability and creation based on the desire for it (as he put it- like the price of gold, its worth is based on consumer desire and how many people are buying it).

Lionel Messi

Barcelona’s football legend Lionel Messi became a global ambassador for Israeli based company Sirin Labs, that intends to invent the world’s first crypto smartphone (titled “Finney”, in honour of Hal Finney), in late 2017.

He made an announcement on Instagram:


There are many other individuals and companies investing in digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Not only retail investors have only been placing their funds in digital assets. Some of these celebrities could have bought several thousands of dollars in Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.


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