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Ethereum Mist Wallet - Securely Download, Install & Use Storage?

Ethereum is quickly growing and evolving in the market. Coin Market Cap has reported that following Bitcoin, Ethereum Mist Wallet is the second largest market cap among Crypto-Currencies. Crypto-experts including developments and investors view Ethereum as a strong platform that ensures scalability and reliability.

What Is Ethereum?

This decentralized platform runs smart contracts (applications that act as designed and programmed without any possibility of inactivity, censorship, fraud or third-party interference. To run the distributed application platform, a fuel is required: ether.

This is a form of payment made by the clients of the platforms to the machines creating and implementing the requested operations.

In other words, ether is the incentive ensuring that developers create quality, high-value applications as well as maintain a healthy network of contacts where people are compensated for their contributions including resources and insights.

The Ethereum Mist Wallet

In order to store, accept and send ether, users need to obtain a Ethereum Mist Wallet. This feature is a go-to solution to users looking to get involved in Ethereum. While the initial blockchain sync may be a little time consuming, the rest of the process works smoothly and quickly.


In terms of safety, it makes sense to download the Mist wallet as it is the official Ethereum wallet, created by the same developers who are responsible for the Ethereum ecosystem.

While many other solutions utilize a third-party wallet, this feature is designed to put the user in complete control of their funds at any time—which is one of the most essential and liked features of the wallet.


The Ethereum Mist Wallet features two types of wallet solutions: simple and multi-signature. Its user-friendly interface makes it a convenient resource for users. Another fact to consider is that these users are desktop clients and need to download the Ethereum Mist Wallet onto their computers manually.

By also providing users with a multisignature wallet if they need an additional security assistance at any time.

Potential Drawbacks

One of the common complaints by clients that developers are currently looking to improve is the downloading component. Currently, users are required to download the whole Ethereum blockchain before they are able to utilize the Ethereum Mist Wallet. As the blockchain is very large and is currently growing, it can take significant time to download.

If users who would like to use Ethereum do not have a good amount of free hard drive space to synchronize with blockchain, they may run into problems when trying to download this platform. Additionally, the sync may happen automatically during the download.

However, sometimes the Mist can get stuck, which derails synchronization to a few days before reaching completion. Another issue that developers are currently working to address is that some users have claimed to lose money, while using the app as a result of the delayed syncing with the blockchain.

While this is not technically a loss of funds but the inability for users to see their transaction until the blockchain has been downloaded correctly, this may cause the user great unease.

The Bitcoin wallet has similar issues, especially for first-time users. However, the Ethereum Mist Wallet offers a great wallet solution for both new and experienced Ethereum users.

Downloading The Wallet App

If an Ethereum user is interested in the wallet app, there are version available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. For the Ethereum Mist Wallet to work, it has be connected with a running, fully synced Ethereum node. The Linux 64Bit, Mac and Windows 64Bit versions come with a bundled Ethereum node, the Golang implementation called “Geth.”

This user guide was created and targeted at non-technical users who want to avoid separately installing a Geth node. By downloading the Ethereum Mist Wallet, a full copy of the Ethereum blockchain will be synced onto the user’s computer, requiring almost 6GB of disk space as of January 2016.

Ethereum Mist Wallet 0.9.0 Release

Mist 0.9.0—the new version of the Ethereum Mist Wallet—is approaching, and it will not inject web3 object by default on Dapps as this is a measure to keep Dapps steady and stable on the long run as the Ethereum ecosystem further develops in the upcoming months.

Nav Coin - Decentralized Bitcoin Cryptocurrency & NavTech Wallet?

New digital currency platforms often come into existence, promising a lot of unique features and functionality. Only a handful of these succeed in living up to expectations and going on to become popular and adopted in the market.

There are some very specific features that have consistently appeared in the success stories, and these are the feature that can make a new digital coin appealing to consumers at any given time.

What Is Nav Coin?

Nav Coin ticks all the right boxes when it comes to features and functionality, and comes at a time when many new currencies are failing to make a dent on the market.

With simple use and powerful features, Nav Coin definitely has the potential to succeed where other coins have not, and the development team has paid enough attention to the little details that can make this coin extremely attractive for those looking for a coin that is easy to work with.

Nav Coin Special Features

As clearly stated in the website, NavCoin operates on two simple principles – usability and privacy. To achieve this, they have built the currency on the widely adopted Bitcoin core.

This provides the coin with all the features and advantages that this proven and tried-and-tested core brings to the table, and the development team has gone one step further, infusing crucial extra features that make this digital currency even better.

The main different is the security system, which uses Proof of Stake algorithms rather than the preferred Proof of Work algorithms favored by Bitcoin. This means that the platform does not require expensive hardware to maintain, and transactions can be completed faster.

There is also a unique feature that allows users to earn up to 5% on the amount in their wallets just by using the revolutionary “Staking Mode” feature that is integrated in the wallets.

Supreme Usability

One of the many upsides of Nav Coin is the easy usability and functionality that it provides users. The development team is highly active with the right visions, and updates are carried out regularly.

The main factor that contributes to the usability of this coin is the fast, 30-second transaction times, which is a powerful feature to have in a leading digital currency platform. The transaction costs are also kept at bare minimum, making it perfect for people who take part in multiple transactions on a daily basis.

The USP of NavCoin is the staking feature of the wallet. Instead of investing in large, expensive and difficult-to-maintain ASIC hardware, users can earn NavCoin currency simply by leaving their wallet in the staking mode.

This is a great way to ensure better rewards for users without the need to invest and maintain expensive equipment which can be complicated to configure and understand.

Better Security With Nav Coin

A primary reason why users choose digital currency is privacy and anonymity, and NavCoin has come up with the perfect solutions for these problems.

The dual-blockchain security system makes it easy for users to send and receive the currency with complete anonymity, and there is also the embedded option to use the popular and widely adopted Tor network for added privacy.

There are also plans afoot to extend the functionality of this platform through the developed of decentralized, anonymously distributed applications, which will open up the platform to multiple use case scenarios, and provide developers and users with more powerful features that they can make good use of.

Getting Started With Nav Coin

The simple, easy-to-use NavCoin wallet is where all the action happens, and this wallet can be download from the website. The Core wallet brings complete functionality, while the Electrum wallet brings easier and faster setup. Both of these wallets are available for Windows, OSX and Linux platforms. There is also the option to download an integrated wallet for Android phone users.

Nav Coin Summary

Overall, NavCoin seems to be a compelling and feature-rich alternative to many other platforms, with the focus firmly on future development, better security and superior usability and functionality.

GateHub: Cryptocurrency Wallet & Exchange Payment Platform?

In the current world, Cryptocurrency has with time become the talk of the town. Slowly, it has found its route to nearly every industry. This is as with the quick Cryptocurrency growth that, to date, has reached 63% in existence. GateHub, as usual, has not been left behind hence there is a deep connection of GateHub with this trend. GateHub is working on constructing a financial network for consumers based on ripple. The primary goal of this network is to create a platform for smart contracts in the anticipated Fintech development. As a result, more hopes have been directed to the development of businesses and individuals as they participate in the internet of value.

What Is GateHub?

GateHub consists of two transactions from deposits and withdrawals to the ripple network. Among the two transactions, each one falls on different networks that include either Ethereum or Bitcoin. There are different addresses in both where the funds are sent from the ripple wallet to GateHub. As a result, the address is issued on the ripple network. In this case, the process of depositing and withdrawing of GateHubEth is analog.

GateHub Wallet & Exchange Payment Platform Benefits


 Easy services as it accepts cash

  • Affordable trading fees that range from as low as 0.2%
  • Respectable amount of coins
  • Enjoy using it as it comes with simple mobile apps
  • Great wallet services
  • Has an advantageous operational location

 Competence in Eth processing methods

  • Reasonably priced consultation fees
  • It is a global service firm hence and easy way to participate from anywhere around the world
  • Secure and trusted transactions as well as consultancy

GateHub Ethereum Exchange Rate

GateHub has brought Ether trading to the ripple coin through a process of the fifth Gateway. Ether is the native currency of Ethereum and it has been disruptive in the crypto exchange. With Ethereum, trading with GateHub has now become easy as you can trade against all currencies. As a result, there have been numerous advantages thanks to the GateHub fifth gateway. This includes

  • Direct trade against all the Cryptocurrency such as USD, EUR, CNY and many more.
  • High quality and 24 hours uptime of ripple network
  • It is a click and access process if one already has GateHub account
  • Alternative ways to sell unavailable giveaways from one network to another.
  • Easy to prove claims since all dealers are put on-ledger

GateHub Pre ICO sale

For GateHub to make it this far, it has been effective in the industry since inception. It is compatible with other numerous coins aside from the ripples. This includes Bitcoin and Ethereum. GateHub transactions are, dependent on two-factor authentication. It has a trading fee of 0.2% to 0.3% in every transaction made.

Deposits and withdrawals from the Ethereum network is affordable from only $0.001. GateHub fifth is available 24 hours for big withdrawals, and the processing is very convenient as it is done immediately after the transaction. Compared to the other wallets, GateHub ripple is easier to withdraw and deposit. This is due to the quality tools available in the system.

Here is a brief breakdown of the sale figures.

  • Market volume - $5,531,468/537.65 BTC
  • ETR to EUR volume - 19608/1.90582 BTC (0.35 %)
  • Price in USD - $1100.85
  • Price in BTC - 0.107 BTC

Future Of GateHub

According to the GateHub services, the Eth has a great future. Despite the current delayed transaction services, there are hopes that it will improve eventually. GateHub has, however, been resolving the issue hence clients have been guaranteed a warp speed processing in the recent future. According to GateHub, the process might take a little more time to function effectively but after that, all the pending transactions will be cleared with immediate effect.

The introduction of GateHub Eth has been a huge advantage to the cryptocurrency industry. This has been a platform where trading has been made easier than ever hence a sign of a better future in this industry. It has qualities such as a functional order book and market depth charts that enable it to be a one-stop shop trading platform.

WalletInvestor: 2018 Crytocurrency Prices, Predictions & Charts?

What is WalletInvestor?

WalletInvestor is a platform that is aiming to safeguard your funds going into the future. There are some expected bumpy events forthcoming in the world of traditional finance with a recession expected to occur in the near future.

However, digital currencies could prove to be a valuable way in which you can have your funds protected and even have the value of them increase in value. Paper currencies in a recession will start to depreciate, meaning you will get less bang for your buck.

WalletInvestor supports not keeping your funds in a currency that is constantly depreciating and instead get them invested in to cryptocurrencies which won’t be affected by gross depreciation or inflation.

Wallet Investor provides you with a lot of relevant knowledge when it comes to all things digital assets. They can walk you through everything from how to read the crypto charts to making investments for yourself.

Their goal at Wallet Investor is to make their platform as the renowned and most stable platform out there when it comes to looking at the latest trends related to the world of digital currencies.

What Sort Of Services Does WalletInvestor Offer?

Wallet Investor covers the bases of a lot of the common needs seen in the world of crypto. They are of the belief that the explosion in the value of cryptocurrencies is only beginning and there is a lot more room available for future growth for those people who are interested.

While it is a very interesting area to talk about, it is important that nobody looking to make an investment in this space is fully aware of the risks involved, as well as being properly educated in what they are investing in rather than just investing for the sake of it.

Wallet Investor aims to give you these tools to understand the sheer amount so information that is out there today about cryptocurrencies. This will help beginner investors to get off on the right foot and allow more experienced investors to get a refresher on what is most important in the sector.

Wallet Investor is a source for all of the leading digital currencies and they have all sorts of interactive charts that can be used to perform all sorts of analysis. You have access to the latest of data, as well as being part of a community where you can have great discussion in the forum section.

WalletInvestor Conclusion

With Wallet Investor, you have everything for having the outlook of the current market situation, converters and calculators for when you are dealing with exchanges, reports, comparisons and other key information related to digital assets. Their team is always trying to release new and exciting features for their users in order to aim them achieve financial independence in their own lives.

COIN.Space Crypto Wallet: Safe ERC20 and ERC223 Token Storage App

Coin is a digital blockchain-based platform designed to synchronize a user’s wallet across all his or her devices. The platform does not require any kind of onboarding, information, or verification. More importantly, users control the keys created on their local device and not sent to any servers.

Essentially, the platform is a secure wallet for crypto ERC20 and ERC223 tokens. It is available for both Android and iOS compatible devices.

Why Coin?


The platform supports all kinds of popular crypto blockchains such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Stellar, and Ethereum. Currently, more than 20,000 tokens that are built on crypto are accessible through the Coin Wallet app.

Simple And Intuitive

The platform provides its users with a consolidated wallet address that can be used to manage all crypto. Therefore, it means that it is possible for users to utilize the same address to participate in ICOs or airdrops. The same address can also be used to send and receive crypto. The platform is intuitive and simple for users to understand.

Safe And Secure

The platform’s main agenda is to secure and make its users anonymous. To ensure this, Coin has gone a long way to audit its system to ensure complete data integrity.

The platform operates under the following key principles:

  • Operates under server-free environment, which fully localizes each installed application
  • Has a client based environment, which ensures that keys are locally stored on the user’s device
  • Has tight security that safeguards user’s digital assets from potential threats
  • Has an application-level authentication system, which prevents unauthorized access through an unblocked device

How To Properly Save And Back Up A Wallet

  • Go to the platform’s website
  • Key in a strong and easy to recall the password
  • click “create new wallet”
  • Download UTC file and save it to a USB drive for future use or to make it easily accessible in case of loss
  • Read and understand the warning then click “I understand. Continue” button.
  • Print the paper wallet backup and carefully hand-write the private key on a separate piece of paper
  • Copy and paste the address safely into a text document somewhere.
  • Send 0.0001 ETH the previous wallet you created or simply exchange to your wallet
  • Unlock the new wallet from the UTC file on the USB drive or through the private key (the print out). Make sure it is able to unlock the wallet you are sent to and it is exactly like the bookmark you have
  • Send 0.00001 ETH from the new wallet to a different address
  • Ensure all the necessary bits of information are recorded and the addresses look alike

Safe Storage Of Backups

Users are advised to store the backups of both forms of their key in a physically separate and offline environment.


This geo-location feature allows users to listen and broadcast their positions to other CoinSpace users in their areas.

How It Works

When a user enables Mecto in the ‘receive’ tab of their wallet, it sends their device’s latitude and longitude together with their wallet details to a secure server. This makes the user’s latitude and longitude discoverable to all those who search via Mecto in their CoinSpace wallet.


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