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Crypto Wallet Service Opens Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Block Explorer Tool

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Becomes Third Block Explorer To Be Added On

One of cryptocurrency wallets largest providers, adds Bitcoin Cash (BCH) explorer to its platform effectively from February 4th 2019., a blockchain and cryptocurrency wallet provider based in Luxembourg has added the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) explorer to its site. The latest explorer will be the third to be added on the site after the pioneer Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) explorers. The BCH explorer on allows users to check their blocks, transactions, the current price of BCH and other transactions on the chain. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) explorer (

The wallet provider further explained the concept of the block explorer as a browser for the Bitcoin Cash blockchain squashing confusion to novices in the field. is focusing on providing their users with an efficient and fast platform that allows users to get trusted blockchain data.

The field of cryptocurrencies is growing by the day as more and more people own cryptocurrency wallets across the world. As numbers grow and development in the field is enhanced, users will require direct access and insight across networks, an effort the team is keen to achieve.

Bitcoin Cash Becomes The Third Explorer On is one of the well-known cryptocurrency wallets with over 30 million wallets created on the platform. The platform also offers a variety of wallets on the site including Stellar (XLM), BTC and ETH. BCH has become the third of the four cryptocurrencies to see its block explorer added to

The management team said the calls to add BCH explorer from the community on a totally unrelated post caused the rapid integration. The company launched their educational wing, Blockchain Primers in early January and received an overwhelming response from the community. The Blockchain Primers will provide a relatively concise overview of each crypto asset including background material, the latest market data and analysis.

How To Get Your Free Stellar (XLM) On Your New Crypto Wallet is currently running one of the biggest promotions in the history of cryptocurrency markets: it is giving away $125 million worth of XLM tokens. Everyone is excited but pessimism is already growing among many new subscribers. This article will answer all looming questions to dispel the pessimism and explain exactly how you can get your free XLM tokens.

Get A Wallet And Verify Your Identity

The main requirement of becoming eligible for the ongoing promotion is getting a Blockchain wallet. Blockchain wallets are free and easy to use.

It is also important for you to verify your identity once you get your Blockchain wallet. This is meant to ensure that each subscriber has a fair chance in the promotion so that individuals cannot get the giveaway more than once – it is also important for all future transactions. Verification is quick and easy as you are only required to provide relevant identity details – guarantees that your data will be safe and private.

Prudence suggests that you verify your identity immediately after registering for your new Blockchain wallet. However, has taken upon itself to remind all eligible subscribers to verify their identities. To this end, you will receive an email asking you to log into your wallet and verify your identity once you are chosen – you should do this within a week or else the offer will expire and go to someone else.

Know Your Wallets

It is important to note that does not limit its users to one wallet. However, identity can be verified only once. As such, it is important to sort your wallets properly (if you have more than one) and give greater attention to the wallet with your official identity.

Patience Is Necessary

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the biggest promotions in the cryptocurrency markets – it also comes at a time when investors are in frenzy amidst unprecedented volatility levels. Considering the amount up for grabs, numerous people from all over the world are lining up for a chance at the free money.

To this end, Blockchain Support is urging everyone to be patient and wait their turn. Some people have already received their XLM but others are still on the waiting list. According to the support department, the tokens are dispatched in batches once applicants are chosen to participate. As such, it is advisable to keep an eye on your email as your turn can come up at any time.

Region Matters

Cryptocurrencies are illegal in several countries, and several other countries are currently making policies to do the same. As such, it is important to note that your nationality may limit your chances of qualifying for the promotion.


If you have registered for a Blockchain wallet and are still waiting for your free XLM, don’t lose hope as the promotion is still ongoing. Make sure that you are in a country where cryptocurrencies are legal and that your wallet is verified.

Blockchain Wallet: How To Use Bitcoin Crypto App

A new digital wallet platform is seeking to become the default wallet for Bitcoin and Ether enthusiasts. Developed by the Luxembourg-based dapp development company aptly called Blockchain, Blockchain Wallet facilitates the storage and transaction needs of Bitcoin and Ether users. With a focused interface, BW has sidestepped trying to be all things to all currencies, and instead built a dedicated wallet facility capable of storing only BTC and ETH.

The company claims to be the globe’s most popular BTC and ETH wallet. Trading on an intuitive user-friendliness, flexibility and security, the company has so generated a very loyal following. With an inbuilt “Security Center” that walks users through security protocols, it makes much of the tight control inherent to its wallet.

BW is accepted on many partner exchanges, and users can zip in and out of trading from their wallets. Part of that user-friendliness is the fact that users have some flexibility in tweaking their transaction fees based on personal preference.

Originally a blockchain explorer, the company has diversified with their relatively new wallet offering. Largely spared any tremendous advertising budget, Blockchain’s wallet offering began gaining lots of traction in the 2017 “year of Bitcoin.” Prior to that, the company had released its first iOS and Android apps in 2012.

A steady and respectable company, many prominent investors have bought into BW, such as the Digital Currency Group, Virgin Group and even Roger Ver. There was a rowdy funding round that started in October 2014, gleaning $30 million from Mosaic Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners. At the time, it was billed as the biggest largest funding round ever seen in the industry.

How Does Blockchain Wallet Work?

Blockchain’s Wallet is free to employ but charges a small transaction fee every time currency enters or leaves a wallet. BW deducts fees automatically and these are calculated on the transaction size and network activity at the time. The option to dictate the fee you’ll be charged on a Bitcoin transaction is a novelty for many users. As opposed to offering storage for any crypto token, the company has presented a singular product that appeals to a large swathe of enthusiasts.

Many consider BTC and ETH to be the only two true cryptocurrencies. Many others love the wallet and hope it will expand its offering as their interest in other altcoins grows too.

Upon creating an account, users need to choose between the two currencies on offer. In the case of BW, sending incorrect funds to the wallet could result in funds being permanently lost, something critics find untenable. Users that don’t own any BTC or ETH will need to visit an exchange in order to render their tokens viable for BW.

New users will patronize other exchanges like Coinbase, that recognizes fiat currency, in order to purchase their initial BTC or ETH, before transferring it to their BW. Paying via the “Send” option on the dashboard is easy, once the QR code is scanned or cut and paste. In all countries of operation, the app allows users to type the total to pay in their own or the relevant digital currency. Subsequent totals are also displayed in both currencies.

Users who opt to nominate their payments as “High Priority” face the prospect of a higher fee when the transaction is enacted. This is where, under “Customize Fee,” users can specify the rate they wish to pay on the transaction. The platform will enact at a time (of network activity) that carries the asked-for rate. With BW, speed costs, but the reality is the company has simply chosen to highlight and work around an unavoidable reality for anyone on these blockchains. Especially investors who transact minimally will find this BW option addictive.

Blockchain Wallet Details

Blockchain Wallet has arguably hit a sweet spot for many with a balance of security and great UX. Any crypto enthusiast will recognize the basic security features of the wallet, but there are many additional layers of protection users can enact if they wish.

Although already known as a secure wallet, BW upped the ante in February 2016 when the company upgraded to a hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet. This placed it among the top secure wallets available. The company has incorporated detailed analysis of the cryptosphere - including cybercrime - in the build, noting that with minimal cross-referencing, criminals can target what they believe to be high-value wallets.

Simply put, the HD nature of BW means that the algorithm employed in generation remains wholly unpredictable. Through the HD upgrade, BW grants users an ability to generate new addresses every time they transact. Technically, BW employs BIP44 implementation to generate addresses and accounts, and uses BIP39 to generate mnemonic for wallet users. In layman’s terms: it’s highly secure.

Apart from watertight security, currency display options and an all-round “attentive” intelligence to the wallet, benefits would include a genuinely appealing navigation experience and the fact that users can transact with exchanges directly from their BW. On the downside, the tokens stored are very limited, at a time when the market is seeing massive growth.

While junk tokens abound, for the majority the market is already defined by more than just two altcoins. Brand new users will be dismayed to find there is no fiat funding protocol and the wallet is also hot. Cold wallets are wholly secure, being off-chain. Online wallets, on the whole, are less secure due to their ability to connect with the greater blockchain all the time.

Moans have emanated from some regarding the rather cumbersome process they experience in verifying their identity in order to register. Genuine complaints have been few, although some users have voiced their disappointments on social media.

As a project, the development team remains fairly consistent with the first group that constituted Work on improvements is constant, and the company is dynamic and user-focused. Support is above-average for a cryptocurrency service provider - swift enough and transparent - and it appears the truly bitter complaints seem inevitable of any entity in the realm. Very much like the formal banking sector, issues arise, but the company has avoided glaring absence or silence on user complaints.

Blockchain Wallet Conclusion

BW stands on its own merits as a detailed and savvy offering. Security really is as tight as it gets on a hot wallet and the depth of user customization is unrivalled. The company has executed more than 100 million transactions for users, something that speaks of its value and popularity.

Stemming from a time during which a cryptocurrency wallet was still a brand new idea, that BW has amassed a user base of some 25 million people is impressive. The wallet sees almost 16,000 transactions a day from users.

BW is something of an anomaly in the industry, having built a solid, old-school kind of reputation. Where most offers are immediately compared and evaluated in terms of the novel technology underpinning altcoins - and BW has been - it nonetheless is seen as upmarket and ahead of the field.

It has to be concluded that this is so because of the fundamental value in the build and service of BW. Assuming the limitations on tokens isn’t an issue, a user would be hard-pressed to find a sleeker altcoin wallet, in spite of there being thousands out there.

Blockchain.Info Changes Official Domain Name URL to

One of the most important and known sites in the cryptocurrency world, is now moving domains. For some cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Blockchain.Info was the first site visited where to learn about Bitcoin and virtual currencies in general.

Blockchain.Info Moves To

The website released a notice on its blog that says that it will be consolidating all the pages on under the domain. The main intention behind this change is to allow users to have all the crypto needs in just one place, and not in two.

According to Alexa, the site ranks in the top 1,000 global websites and it is Located in Luxembourg. The company took off in Summer of 2011 and is widely known by the community as the block explorer by excellence. Additionally, the site has its own Android mobile application.

In addition to it, between 2013 and 2014, Info was the most bitcoin visited site in the world, reaching an astonishing 120 million views. Furthermore, it was the first to reach one million wallet downloads.

The company explains:

“We’re the world’s leading crypto wallet where 25 million users invest in and store Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). We also allow users to analyze the top cryptocurrencies via our markets page and are continually expanding our widely used APO services to make it even easier for developers to build on top of the blockchain.”

In 2017, Info snapped up $40 million in venture dough, and partnered with Unocoin so as to bring crypto awareness to India. And another important milestone was the fact that they allow people from half of the US states to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

The team remains intact, though. Nicolas Cary has been a business leader in the space, trying to marry commerce and philanthropy. The company says that they will be providing a seamless transition to the dot-com site. Moreover, they are very optimistic about the future, saying that they ‘have a lot more to do in building the future of finance.” CEO Peter Smith Talks Bitcoin's Institutional Adoption Timeline

Peter Smith, CEO of Blockchain Inc. has recently released several statements in an interview given on the forward movement of the current cryptocurrency marketplace. Specifically, Smith has stated his view on the consolidation of the market happening over the next few months. He’s spoke on several topics for believing what he does, as the increased entry of investors from institutions into the market start to happen.

It comes once Bitcoin viewed a rally above the $7000 mark in price, after the long wave of extremely volatile behavior. The coin once again broke the $7000 price point, the continued to display a consistent price above the set limit.

Smith spoke on the last couple years, how the industry has seen harsh ups and downs, but slow integration of different markets. The consolidation of the market is still happening at a snail’s pace. Basically, meaning it’s likely we’ll see things speed up a little bit throughout the rest of the year.

Smith believes the current cycle of the market, places it in a good spot because of the crystal clear regulatory clarity. It was nowhere near this clear last year, plus, the institutional investors where not present either as they are now. The change is creating a new flow for the cryptocurrency.

As of now the retail market is slow, effecting the whole, because the market is generally led by the retail industry. The market is now seeing a huge upbeat process by institutions which is why Bitcoin is rising again. The coin is still the powerhouse token, go to for major investors who are new to the market, and is one of the most regulated of all coins.

New institutions to the market appreciate the regulation, so typically buy Bitcoin first, which is why it will likely out perform all other cryptocurrencies over the next six months. Even more recently, the technology solutions for Bitcoin’s custodial purposes run by institutional investors have surfaced, like that of Coinbase’s Custody Solution.

The new emerging solutions are deeply in line with Michael Novograt’z prediction for the state of the entire marketplace, plus he sees the custodian solutions as major driving forces within the market. Just this spring, in May, he also was heard speaking about Bitcoin and how it will likely reach a high because of the custody solutions for digital assets, especially, wallet related services and private key solutions offered.

Much of the progress is directly related to the infrastructure that is built to give some of the new institutions yet to emerge into the market a chance for success. There’s a lot going on in talks right now, specifically about institutions stepping into the market, however, it’s unlikely we’ll see the full-term effect of the process until the middle of next year, in 2019.

What do you think? Is Bitcoin only on the rise, and is it because of the new institutional investors getting involved in the cryptocurrency space? Tell us your thoughts on the current state of Bitcoin and it’s future in the comment section below.


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