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Casa Lightning Node Launches For Users To Try BTC Lightning Network Payment Channels

You have probably heard of the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Created to make the Bitcoin network faster than it already is without needing a hard fork like the one which created Bitcoin Cash, the Lightning Network looked like a beacon of hope. Unfortunately, it was never properly useful as it just had too many bugs.

The developers have not given up, though, and they are still working to improve the network so more people can effectively use it to make transactions using the most popular crypto of the whole world, Bitcoin.

Casa Lightning Node’s announcement was made by Michael Borglin of the Lightning Ramp team on this Medium post. Michael and his colleague Tom have joined the team some time ago and built the Casa Lightning Node, which is supposed to be the “easiest way” to use the LN according to them.

The team has previously released the Lightning Ramp, a software to use the LN, back in February, when the LN was just starting. After the release of the system, they still kept working to bring the Lightning Network closer to millions of people so they can use the best possible version of Bitcoin.

According to Michael, the team has discovered many reasons why people are simply unable to adopt the Lightning Network in their lives and the idea is that the device will solve many of these problems that are delaying adoption. However, creating the Lightning Ramp also caused a new problem: key management.

Without a good key management software, personal nodes can easily be attacked and hacked and this puts the whole network at risk. Because of this, the team focused on building the best personal key manager that they could ever do and the newcomers like Michael joined to combine the expertise with the LN and create something even better.

The main result of this collaboration so far was the creation of the Casa Lightning Node.

How Does Casa Lightning Node Works And Why Should You Buy It?

Market as the easiest way to use the LN today, the Casa Lightning Node is the first pre-assembled LN device with full features. You can use to take control of your own node using an easy plug and play setup, so you do not even need to have coding experience to be able to use it.

The device is also pre-synced with Bitcoin, which can grant a fast activation of the system and it uses a beautiful web-based interface for Node management.

With this device, you will be able to access the Lightning Network to make and receive payments with more security and fewer flaws. You can also use it to open and close custom channels to other nodes of the LN and to boost the liquidity of your node with the Autopilot channel management support.

The whole design was made to be easy for newcomers to use and completely intuitive. The box that can buy contains a white hard-shell case, power and hard drive adapter cords, the full Lightning and Bitcoin node and a Raspberry Pi with 1TB hard drive.

How To Acquire A Casa Lightning Node?

There are way two ways to acquire this product. In case you already have a Casa membership and are already a client of the company, you will receive this new device as part of your membership, so you will have to pay anything for it.

In case you are not a member, you will have to buy it. The device is already available for pre-orders. You can buy it for only $300 USD at this time. However, it should be noted that this first shipment only has 100 units, so you might want to take your fast if you want to use it. You can pay it with fiat currency if you want, but payments in BTC and ETH are also accepted by the company.

The Casa Lightning Node Verdict

It looks like this device is a good way for newcomers to access the LN. While the network is known for having its issues, you can at least provide some more security by using the device and it was specifically created to be efficient and easy to understand, so you can bet that it is an interesting solution.

Casa Launches A Browser Extension For Its Lightning Bitcoin Node, Works On Chrome And Firefox

The crypto custody company Casa has decided to launch a browser extension that will be used for its Lightning Network-enabled Bitcoin node and will let the users from the company interact with Casa Nodes.

According to the official reports made by the company, users will be able to interact with the Casa Nodes using the browser from any crypto site that has functionalities of the Lightning Network.

In case you are not familiar with the Lightning Network, it is a layer-two payment protocol that basically runs the payments outside of the main Bitcoin blockchain, which enables them to be quite faster. The LN was launched last year and has seen some adoption since then. While some users complained about bugs, others hail it as an effective way to use Bitcoin.

The founder of Casa, Jeremy Welch, has affirmed that the extension was to make it easier for people to use it without having to open new Casa tabs on their browsers. The extension was launched for Chrome and Firefox, the two most popular browsers. Using it, the users will be able to control their Casa Nodes directly via the extension whenever the LN is enabled on a site, which makes things easier.

According to the creators of the extension, the whole thing was very simple to create and it was made in under a month. Welch explains that there are still “more surprises” for the quarter and that the company is pushing a lot of new products to the market right now, which can get people to be really engaged with the company.

Better Than Expected

Welch believes that, despite how the market is at the moment, the company is doing very well. He compares the time we are living in as the early days of the web and believes that more and more Lightning-based apps are going to appear in the market soon.

The company is also set on opening up its code. Welch is ready to open source key features of Casa Node in order to make the products more available for people and have more quality.

He defends that the latest product, the extension, simply would have not been made without the help of Will O’Beirn, the founder of Because of this, it is based on developers helping other developers that things will move along.

Making the development of assets open source, the company expects to improve the security of its products at the same time that it aims to let other people use the code to create something new.

According to Welch, the sales of Casa products have outpaced all expectations, so the company is having a great degree of success at the moment. However, no numbers for the sale of Casa products ever described so far.

Casa Changes its Keymaster Business Model, Releases Two New Products: Mobile App and Packages

The cryptocurrency company Casa is currently shifting its business. Now, the company is releasing two new products that will change the way in which the company presents itself to the market.

The CEO of the company, Jeremy Welch, explained that the intention is to bring multi-sig security to customers. According to the company, they want to have a key manager app in every single pocket and a node in every single home.

There are two new offerings from Casa. The first one is a Keymaster mobile app for iOS and Android, and the second one is a four-tiered Keymaster package at different price points and security features.

Casa previously released a premium product called Keymaster, which offers a multi-signature service for Bitcoin investors. At the same time, they have also announced the plug-and-play Bitcoin Lightning node called “Casa Node.” As per the company, they have already sold more than 1,000 Cada Node to the market since it was released.

With this shift, the company wants to bring the security of multi-sig technology into the hands of more individuals around the world. Instead of selling premium products, they will be selling multi-tier products with different prices according to the features offered.

The Keymaster mobile app offers three different types of key setups. The first one is a mobile key that is comparable to the wallets offered by other companies such as Blockchain or Coinbase. The second one is a two-or-three multi-sig key that allows users to have three different signature keys. One of the keys will be held by Casa, another one will be held on a hardware wallet, and the last one will be managed on a mobile device.

The third type of key setup includes between three and five signatures that allow users to improve the security of their assets.

The price for these services will range between $300 and $5,000. There is also a possibility to have a free service in which the user only pays 10 basic points if they need access to Casa’s recovery key.

There are other custody services in the market, but Casa focuses on the privacy of their users. Indeed, they are trying to build a product without “analytics.”

Casa CEO Says Square Cash App Adding Lightning Network Support Would be Huge

The Lightning Network (LN) seems to be having a good moment in social networks. The founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey has been giving several positive comments related to the LN and Bitcoin (BTC).

During the last year, the development of this second layer scaling solution for Bitcoin has experienced impressive growth. Now there are more than 6,000 nodes that are running the network and it supports a capacity of 656 Bitcoin (~$2.4 million).

A few days ago, the Twitter user called Hodlonaut decided to start a project called the Lightning Torch in which users could send a Lightning transaction to another and increasing the funds transacted by $0.35. Indeed, Jack Dorsey participated in this chain related to the Lightning transaction.

Due to this situation, Twitter started to speculate regarding Twitter offering support to the Lightning Network into its business model. Indeed, Dorsey mentioned that he would love the idea of tipping satoshis with a simple button integrated into the platform.

The crypto wallet Tippin decided to announce that they will be working on a project to insert a button on Twitter to tip Satoshis to other users for the content they upload.

Jack Dorsey is also the founder of the payments and services provider Square. The company has also a subsidiary called Cash that has an application called Cash App. Indeed, both Square and the Cash App support Bitcoin.

During a conversation at the Stephan Livera podcast on February 11, Dorsey commented that they would like to make Bitcoin a fast and efficient asset to be transacted. At the same time, he said that it is not an “if,” but “when” they will be offering support to the Lightning Network on the Cash App.

According to Jeremy Welch, adding support to the LN by Square or Cash App would be something very important.

About it, Welch commented:

“It would be huge. Square is a very respected company. They’ve got great tech, great teams. They do have a strong Bitcoin team there. It would be a significant thing because they have a lot of reputation in Silicon Valley too. Silicon Valley hasn’t had the best view on Bitcoin overall. So, it would be significant on multiple levels, both in terms of adoption and their reputation and they have cachet with a lot of the bigger financial institutions.”

At the moment, there are several businesses working with the Lighting Network, even when it is on its early days. Although he does not see it happening any time soon, he believes that Dorsey will be doing a good job trying to bring the LN to Cash App or Square.

Welch did not comment whether they are talking with Dorsey in order to help his companies implement the technology.

During the podcast, Jack Dorsey said that they have been exploring with Lightning Labs different applications of the LN. In the future, the Lightning Network could help Bitcoin to scale and process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second (TPS). At the moment, Bitcoin is only able to just 7 TPS.

Alena Vranova Calls Casa Crypto Custodial Service the Safest Ever on The Bitcoin Podcast

Alena Vranova Talks With The Bitcoin Podcast About the Casa Crypto Custodial Service

In a recent interview with The Bitcoin Podcast, Alena Vranova talked about the Casa cryptocurrency custodial service. Alena Vranova is the Head of Strategy and Business Development at the Casa cryptocurrency custodial service and founder of Satoshi Labs and Trezor.

During the interview, she discussed about different topics related to virtual currencies. At the same time, she talked about the Casa custodial service and the Casa Node that was recently released to the market.

The Casa Node is a Bitcoin Lightning node that has been specifically developed in order to be easy to use and specifically designed to offer an -out-of-the-box functionality. The Casa Node has a pre-installed copy of the Bitcoin blockchain.

According to Alena Vranova, the node is produced by Casa using the Raspberry Pis. At the same time, in order to enhance user experience and create an easy-to-use atmosphere, the interface was created by the famous Tinder designer Scott Hurff. This provides usability and improves usability.

At the same time, Casa is currently offering a custodial service that is known as Key Master service. However, the company is not fully responsible for the private keys of their clients. Instead, Casa works by instructing users on how to develop their own security services. At the same time, they provide assistance on the matter 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Users working with Casa learn how to distribute their private keys and store them in different locations. As private keys are dispersed in different places, criminals would not target high net worth individuals in such an easy way. Casa assumes that the costs for criminals increases (risk) exponentially and would think it twice before targeting a high net worth individuals.

At the same time, Casa will always have a backup key held in case the user needs additional help to deal with his funds. The Key Master is a ‘concierge service’ that has a $10,000 cost per year.

Furthermore, hardware wallets are still one of the best solutions for other users that want to store their funds. Leaving the funds on crypto platforms such as exchanges is not the best solution since hackers can target the platform and steal users’ funds.


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