Cryptocurrency SMS Payments

While cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular, for some of those that invested in it, it's a gold-like asset that they want to keep hold of. But for others, Bitcoin burns a virtual hole in their pocket and no way to use it in any meaningful way, and it proves a continued struggle when companies and vendors prove stubborn when it comes to accepting it.

One of the ways in which companies have been incorporating Bitcoin transactions has been between users via SMS, and it's a method of completing transactions that has evolved gradually over time. Here are a number of companies that have been highly active when it comes to sending Bitcoin via text messages.

1- Blockchain

Not necessarily a reference to the technology, but the company of the same name, the latter's digital currency and asset wallet has proven very successful on both mobile and desktop devices. Previously known as, Blockchain provides its users with all the functionality they need from a wallet. One such feature includes the method of completing Bitcoin transactions with other users via SMS messaging.

Fortunately for users, sending Bitcoin via SMS is available through both its mobile and desktop platforms. Should users want to conduct an SMS payment, they use the option ‘send message', from there, users enter the number of the person they wish to pay, followed by the amount of Bitcoin they wish to pay them.

It's a very simple feature, but it's one that is very straightforward, and gives users the ability to transfer Bitcoin to anyone so long as they have a mobile number to send it to.

2 – Coinapult

Among the companies that have the Bitcoin payment SMS feature, Coinapult was one of the companies that added the feature years ago. The first step in conducting this sort of payment is to add your mobile phone number to your account via the settings.

Both the web and SMS interfaces offered by the company can be used without any issues for the user, as the company handles phone numbers from both the United Kingdom and Canada.

3 – Cointext

CoinText is the exception to the rule for the companies listed here, the reason being that while it does allow users to send cryptocurrency through SMS, it doesn't allow this through Bitcoin. Instead, users can send Bitcoin Cash through its interface.

Users will need to set up a Bitcoin Cash specific wallet by texting the CoinText access number, this will allow the user to deposit funds into their newly opened wallet. Once this process has been completed, users will then be able to transfer Bitcoin Cash to any individual with a functioning mobile phone across the world.

Those that receive funds in lieu of BCH will be able to access these funds without having to install any additional software on their mobile device, making it a completely frictionless transaction for both parties to use.

Overall CoinText provides a very straightforward, simple to use method of signing up for a wallet, adding funds and conducting transactions. The only thing detracting from its use is the lack of support for Bitcoin users, a factor that would greatly improve the number of users it has.

Even so, it highlights how relatively easy it is to set up a text service linked to cryptocurrency.

4 – Samourai Wallet’s PonyDirect

This Bitcoin wallet makes itself out as a truly pronounced service due to its emphasis on user privacy. Along with this emphasis, it also possesses a number of tricks up its metaphorical sleeve.

While many of its users weren't expecting it, or even knew about it, but Samourai does offer a seamless SMS service for conducting transactions through SMS, but unlike the other companies, the addition was a very recent one for its users to take advantage of.

It can be used under the PonyDirect brand, and was an in-house production by the company, and was initially developed with the intention of allowing individuals in developing countries with poor or limited internet access to earn a revenue thanks to cryptocurrencies.

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