The cryptocurrency world has globally expanded in recent times. While many investors are leaning towards its uses, getting people to join onboard can be tough, especially given the fact that we are dealing with decentralized assets. Today, the notion of crypto is supposedly hitting mainstream television and games, as both the Simpsons: Tapped Out video game and Marvel Comics’ Hunt for Wolverine – Adamantium Agenda #1 include crypto in their storylines.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a game that promotes users to help the Simpsons’ characters earn money to build their empire so to speak. For each completed quest, which is followed based on the suggested requirements, a reward will be given – both virtual money and XP points. When users accumulate both, they can purchase a wide range of items from plants and benches to farms, restaurants and houses. So, how will crypto play into the Tapped-Out storyline?

A new quest will be introduced, called the Crypto-Cool, where users will have to make Martin repeatedly mention “Blockchain” without defining it and make youngsters mine Bitcoin three times. By doing so, users will be rewarded 100 virtual dollars and 10 XP points each time. What makes this addition interesting is the fact that it is relatable.

In particular, Martin has a conversation with Bart where he mentions that he’s only heard of it last week and already feels like he knows so much. This is so typical of traders today, as they join through word-of-mouth and continue to hype digital assets. After having completed the mining quest, Martin references Bitcoin a lot and how he mines them on his computer. More specifically, he bragged about its value “having gone through the roof”. For those who are interested, the Simpsons: Tapped Out is available in iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

Marvel’s Hunt for Wolverine – Adamantium Agenda #1, which was written and illustrated by Tom Taylor and RB Silva respectively, will mention crypto in its storyline as well. The story being told here is that Wolverine rescued New York City by helping to prevent some bomb attack that was in place. Anything to do with bombs normally result in sacrifices, therefore Wolverine somehow disappears. Other heroes like Iron Man, Luke Cage, Spider Man and Jessica Jones are allegedly part of the adventure as well.

In the story, Bitcoin is assumed to play a significant role, as its uses can help robots. Tony Starks eventually needs to make payments, and in order to do so, mentions that he will be doing so using crypto, as opposed to the traditional, unmarked cash. A remark was then made in terms of the risks associated with crypto, however, Stark turns that down by mocking the current, tight situation they are in.

This isn’t the first time Bitcoin has been mentioned on mainstream television, as Family Guy, the Good Wife, Supernatural, Person of Interest, and House of Cards are some of many to have done so so far. The Simpsons and Marvel Comics’ approach in adopting crypto into today’s society not only stops at mentioning the term itself, but also the real-life benefits and concerns many ponder upon. While it might be a fun poke, especially for rather experienced traders, this can be a great conversation starter!

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